What’s in your fridge? And what would you make from someone else’s fridge photo?

So there’s this (formerly) great column of what’s in the fridges of various notable people that I always loved- now it has devolved into curated and often sponsored posts- but it got me thinking it would be fun to share here what’s in YOUR fridge!
And to make it more fun comment on other posters’ fridge photos what you would make using what they have!


K, so in a desperate attempt to procrastinate dealing with this smarmy headhunter i did a bit of a cleanup of my fridge so it’s more presentable than usual here.

Top shelf:
Mayo (which i rarely use but it was on sale), plain yogurt i decided to switch up from the usual greek, some sweet bavarian mustard, sunflower seed halva from Brighton Beach excursion, korean soybean paste, container of nutritional yeast
Second shelf:
Coconut oil, scallions, extra firm tofu, cantaloupe, water bottle i refill and reuse, generic toxic nondairy coffee creamer that is my shameful weakness, sunflower seeds in the drawer
Bottom shelf:
Lots of homemade booch, some radishes, cilantro, iceburg, watermelon.
Bottom drawer is lots of cucumbers- i use two each morning with my green juice; lately with some watermelon and cilantro and lemon (kept on the counter)

Fridge door has my collection of mustards (usually there’s even more! I’ve been good about finishing what i have on hand lately), rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, chinese toasted sesame paste, miso paste, orange fig jam
Second shelf; generic vinegrette for marinades, not very good ketchup, olives, cider vinegar, greens supplement, generic brown mustard
Bottom has more coffee creamer, huge bag of chia seeds, special occasion port (which is excellent!) and and not great red wine i’ll cook with, all from my dad and his friends winemaking project (that’s a long story)

So what would you make for dinner from my fridge? (Assume pantry basics like noodles and rice, but negative on any animal products)


I am intensely jealous of your large, American-sized refrigerator. I have a small, European one. It fits, like, two apples.

I’m jealous too! That’s a clean, well-spaced refridgerator. You don’t have leftovers from every day this week!

I’m at work now, but I’ll take a pic when I get home. No holds barred. It may be ugly. :slight_smile:

I posted my cheese drawer before on another site, I’m surprised it didn’t get more of a reaction. :slight_smile:

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I know exactly what ones you mean…! I stayed a week at an air bnb in spain and realized “oooohhh, that’s why europeans have to shop every day!” Also, it’s unusual for NYC, i looked at a ton of apartments with counter height fridges

No judgements here!
Mine is unusually clean and organized here, although since i live alone i tend to just buy what i’ll eat in the next few days vs a big shop for the week (also see related news that my elevator has been broken for months now and i live on the 5th floor)
I seem to eat any leftovers within a day or so, there’s more around in the winter when i’m doing actual cooking

Alrighty, just snapped some shot, no judgement, right?

Actually today was a good day, we’ve been eating out a lot, so it’s not crammed with stuff from earlier in the week.

Eggs, bread (naan this week), rotisserie chicken, bacon (chopped and slices) are pretty much staples in the Smokey household. The pork jerky replaced the sliced bacon in the summer.

Vegetable of the week is… romaine lettuce! I see lots of greek salads in my future.

Infamous cheese drawer.

And waaay too many condiments for two people to consume, I love Angry Lady Chili Sauce, I always have a bottle. And I keep my lotions in the fridge because it’s so hot in Vegas, they melt and separate in the bathroom.

That’s my typical summer fridge. What about you?

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We just tried TJs shelf stable whipped cream recently and really liked it.

Fun topic!

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That’s a good looking fridge!
I am jealous of the options to move your shelves around to different heights.
That’s a lot of eggs, and romaine! Haha. You can make those romaine boats or whatever they call them where you scoop up whatever filling or use taco makings.
The cheese drawer is impressive; i wish cheese was part of my life (sigh).
I have more condiments and i live alone! No such thing as too many :slight_smile:

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I do recall the frig stories and the many funny spinoffs that followed.

Dragon Bowls!!

Ha! I do love a good hippie bowl/dragon bowl, although i think those require kale or sprouts or both!

mixed greens are original but we have done our own things for yrs at this point. I spotted your bag of chia seeds. I add chia seeds to thicken my wifes fruit jam rather than use sugar or gelatin.

Our frig would be a boring pic. Right now its filled with containers of prep’d food. We break produce and food stuffs down so its portioned and ready to roll.

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I love chia jam! And as tou can see from my fridge photo i have a lifetime supply of chia on hand- hahaha! One of those situations where i was at costco in ca and it made sense at the time…

Prepping ahead is great, i always feel very organized and slightly smug when i do that :))

portioning saves a ton of time. my wife started it when she was working a diet plan and now its habit. but when its nice enough to go to the local park and picnic, we are out the door in a flash. :+1:

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I had one of those Costco moments with coconut oil. gave all my neighbors a container full. What was I thinking!

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I’m in the midst of one of those moments with croutons. Seemed like a great idea at the time but the bag never seems to move any where close to empty. I guess I need to go beyond salad toppings and move into the realm of savory bread puddings and stuffings.

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