What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



John…of all the people I know, you always have the best back “at me”…I mean that as a compliment as I have the driest sense of humor…Kudos to you my friend!


All of you knowing that I am a plumbing contractor, in 1998 or 99 I hired a recent immigrant from Scotland, he worked in the industry there for 20 plus years and relocated to the USA because his daughter married an American medical student .

He was a seriously trained technician, and when the customers asked where he was from with his accent, he said Michigan!!! (this was in NYC)

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Thanks, mate. This is a fun place to have minor disagreements.

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Definitely a keeper. Rich from the cream, but not overly so. Here’s the recipe: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2005/feb/13/foodanddrink.shopping5

It’s about 4 recipes down the page. You’ll think that the fish is going to horribly overcook but it just doesnt (and I don’t know why)


TOTALLY…BUT YOU ARE THE BOSS!!! And I hope to cross the pond and break bread with you soon…(that is on my bucket list)

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I made chicken tamale pie and cucumber salad in orange-muscat vinaigrette. A friend was over with her little one so we pulled out the last slices of birthday cake from the freezer for dessert.


Afternoon dentist appointment today (i know, it’s weird even in nyc that they are open on a sunday), not a big deal but still sore/tender so crunchy stuff wasn’t happening.
Very random snacky dinner
Avocado from the street vendor who always has ripe ones, added a bit of soy sauce and some trader joe everyday seasoning

Some meatless balls, i will spare you another photo of those ;))
And this enormous orange! Added my metrocard for scale (same size as credit card). The skin was pretty thick but it was really sweet and juicy

Definitely hot chocolate tonight for dessert, maybe a spoon of nut butter if this odd dinner doesn’t keep me full


Salmon and red quinoa salad.

Going to be eating a lot of olive oil, fish, quinoa, lentils and mushrooms.


Sous vide duck confit leg with roasted cubed potatoes, mushrooms, shallots, and some broccolini.

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That would be good.

As for dinner, it’s an aubergine and bulghur wheat mix, courtesy of Nigel Slater. Onion and aubergine are fried till soft. Bulghur is added, along with some veggie stock. After a few minutes, chopped tomatoes go in. Then, once the bulghur is cooked, pine kermels, chopped mint, s & p and lemon juice are added.

Slater says it’s a veggie main course or can be an accompaniment to meat. So, that’s meat then - in the form of a grilled lamb Barnsley chop each.


What is Barnsley chop exactly? Why is it so called?

Should the aubergine be chopped in small cubes? or sliced lengthwise? Thx.


@naf I was wondering as well, and found this. Looks to be a double loin lamb chop. Yum!


Thanks Linda, the link explains everything.


In the Philippines, avocado is consumed mostly as dessert
We grate the avocado ( with a grater that we use for cantaloupe - then make it into a drink adding the juice from the seeds and pulp, and some sugar) , or even just scoop it out, add some milk or cream, a little sugar, chill it before eating. It is great. Here , I just squeeze some whipped cream in. acan after chilling in freezer for 15 minutes or so.
Cantaloupe that way is quite refreshing in the tropics but I am now allergic to it. Avocado I had add soy sauce, ponzu etc but never excited other than as guacamole except as dessert, Hope u gives it a try


Man, I miss grilling! That looks beautiful!

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Cubed, naf.

And Linda finds you the link to the Barnsley chop.


Another huge batch of chicken soup was made yesterday because my husband caught that pesky pink eye and a sinus infection to boot. I am shocked that a week later he was still able to catch it. The little one has a runny nose (as usual) but fine besides and I, oddly, sound like a very heavy lifetime smoker but no other symptoms.

The chicken soup was made using this lovely free range bird and gave the broth the most beautiful yellow hue. I dropped off a Tupperware of it to a friend who is also is sick with a cold. I was thinking of someone here (can’t remember who said this, sorry!) about returning a plate or bowl empty. She sent me split pea soup with ham 2 weeks ago so I felt I should return the favor :slight_smile: Food is love!

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The household authorities announce that there will be dessert. A large slice of orange cake has been discovered in the freezer. After its defrosted, it will be broken into chunks, put in the bottom of sundae glasses and drizzled with booze ( I see oloroso sherry in my near future). On top of that, a good dollop of apricot compote which needs using up. Followed by whipped cream and a sprinkling of chopped almonds. We don’t usually do desserts midweek but this sounds OK to me.


Sounds VERY OK to me! LOL


Never got around to (gently) smashing cukes in plastic bags this weekend but I managed to turn out some good, nourishing dishes for the family (6 adults and 3 toddlers) over a stressful weekend (health issues for dad). But hell, ya gotta eat! My Jewish friends and I always joke that Koreans are like the Jews of Asia - many commonalities.

One night of pan-roasted salmon and Brussels with citrus-soy sauce, charred green beans with chili crisp, whole-wheat spaghetti dressed with the citrus-soy (forgot to buy soba); second night of shrimp with lemon-caper sauce, bulgogi (Korean beef) and broccoli, plain wok-charred broccoli for non-meat eaters, more chili crisp on everything, leftover noodles. Both nights had some whole grainy brown rice and mom made some delicious Korean pickles to accompany (cukes, mul [water or white] kimchee). And mom also made a wonderful Korean chicken and veggie soup.