What have you purchased recently off the internet. Food wise . Or pots , pans . Etc.

How did you like them? I just noticed that Costco sells them online. Three bags (Pork, chicken, shrimp/pork) for $99 including shipping. That is a little cheaper than buying directly from Mila. It also comes with a streamer basket and 4 cheap looking dipping bowls. I wish it came with the new pho flavor. They also sell three packs of individual flavors for $99. They do not include the steamer FWIW.

Mila Starter Pack Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings - 3 Bags, 1 Bamboo Steamer, 4 Dipping Bowls | Costco

I just had to have them, but I haven’t tried them yet!

I thought about the Costco option, but having that many dumplings in my freezer might interfere with a few of my other goals for the year. :grimacing:


I bought these, delivered today and on the menu for dinner with bok choy and snow peas.
Will report back in WFD.

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LOL It is a lot. I had the same thought.

Bought this from Heritage Foods during a sale . Both loyalty"gifts" were the Heritage pork chops.

I had to clean the tenderloin medallions up a bit but they worked great in this Pinchos morunos.


Fair warning! I’m not talking about wild salmon, which I understand is far superior for a number of reasons.

I bought three kinds from Truefish, just because they had three.

In addition to generic Atlantic, there was Faroe island, both described here on Faroe Seafood

And Ora King, mentioned here on Food and Wine ;

I think I’m curious about your thoughts, or maybe I’m just sharing.

One will get the usual “Pacific Norwest Grill” treatment, from The New Basics Cookbook Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

I will try this recipe with the skin on piece.


20 packets of vegetable, herb and flower seeds from www.rareseeds.com

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@Phoenikia ; what did you get? How exciting!

I had the “ordinary” Atlantic Salmon

The Ora king, skin off, was not skin off!

Looks like I’ll be trying this recipe skin on.

Oro cooked in a cool, dry nonstick pan; pretty oily!




Seeds from Italy. Basil , zucchini seeds .
My new trend . Pizza Napolitano.
00 zero caputo flour , Caputo dried yeast , Caputo semolina flour , Digital scale .


I get stuff from nuts.com on a regular basis. All are great!


Herbes de Provence.


Mediterranean/Turkish pine nuts. I discovered awhile back that I get pine mouth from inferior pine nuts from Russia, China, Vietnam or Korea. THAT wasn’t fun. (Everything tastes metallic, including water!)

I used to buy a small package at Wegmans, but they no longer sell them except in very tiny jars. So these are what I now buy from Amazon. VERY good.


I have been trying to find this sauce, to no avail.

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Rib cap steaks, because of [this thread (How do YOU cook ribeye cap steak?).]) followed by a timely email.

Look at the size of this box relative to the size of the steaks!


got this on amazon to replace a slightly smaller calphalon that had become warped over the years — and didn’t have a lid.

this one’s deeper and i find myself using it more often — plus, the lid also fits my 8-inch cast iron skillet.


Nice score, wild or not.

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I use it for my wok. It’s great!

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