Technique (Westwood, NJ)

We ate at Technique, a fairly new classic French restaurant, for the first time, and had an excellent dinner. We shared several appetizers including an excellent beet salad with ripe strawberries, chèvre, pickled onions, and greens; steak tartare with cornichons, shallots, and capers; tuna tartare with avocado cream, tobiko caviar, and miso. For entrees I had some very flavorful short ribs au poivre with heirloom carrots, turnips and fennel. It all went great with Chateau Sixtine Chateauneuf Du Pape. For dessert Mrs. P made creamy coconut ice cream using coconut cream and coconut milk and topped it with chocolate syrup, toasted slivered almonds, and fresh homegrown mint.


Gol dang! These are some terrific photos.

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Thanks Jimmy :blush:

I forgot to mention that Mrs. P had seafood pasta with homemade fettuccine, lobster, scallops, shrimp, tomato and saffron, in a white wine sauce (1st 2 pictures).

We treated our friends from Staten Island to a very belated birthday dinner at Technique. For appetizers we had steak and tuna tartare, beet salad, and escargot with homemade gnocchi and the most flavorful broth. For entrees we had an excellent special of pan seared sea bass with cream curry corn, and the most flavorful lamb merguez sausage with white bean, tomato, and eggplant mixed with pieces of lamb shank. We shared an apple tart for dessert. We also had some outstanding wines.


Oh my wow @paryzer!

Psst… btw… the first 5 years of my life were spent in Jersey.

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thanks for beautiful pictures, an inspiration to someone like me.
I never had taste for lamb except for lamb lollipops which my husband loved! Seared in cast iron pan during winter months in Evoo and butter with rosemary , garlic and shallot with final touch of adding fresh mint to the pan till wilted.
I love escargot. Sea bass recipe is a new twist for me.
I learn from. your pictures.
Remember how my husband (rip) hoarded escargot from Paris to Munich when we there in 1972 to the dismay of the restaurant as they said " No doggy Bag here in Paris" since we couldn’t get decent escargot in Munich.
Alas, I still. have a tin of escargot and a lot of shells stored away. I should prepare them one of these days.
Hello to Mrs. P

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Thank you @ccj :relaxed:
The lamb merguez sausage was very flavorful and I like the pulled pieces of lamb shank included with the beans. Your lamb lollipops sound divine! The escargot was in a very light and flavorful Bordeaux and marrow sauce, which is different than the normal presentation.


We had another outstanding dinner at Technique.
We shared several appetizers including an awesome smoked gouda with caramelized onion, and mushroom tart; beet and fig salad with pistachio, gorgonzola, orange slices, and balsamic; escargot with gnocchi, bordeaux, and marrow. Mrs. P really enjoyed her crispy skinned red snapper with fennel, leek, rainbow carrots, bouillabaisse, and rouille. I had awesome Guiness pork medallions, with pureed kabocha squash and sliced jalapeño. It all went great with Shaw and Smith shiraz.


Viewing this post, I’m hearing Steve Winwood’s Back In The High Life, Again


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Thanks Jimmy :blush:

The prawn dish looks exceptional …


We had another excellent dinner at Technique. For appetizers we had an excellent combination of pork belly with lentil, celeriac, gorgonzola, and anise; a genius idea of crispy brandade beignet with a subtle tomato sauce; apple and roquefort salad with fennel, watercress and walnut; country pate.
For entrees we had monkfish with fennel, manila clams, tomato, potato, and aioli; hearty and comforting cassoulet with duck confit, saucisson l’ail, and bean. It all went great with a 2018 Tensley Syrah which could use a few years od cellaring.

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