TACOS - Winter 2023 (Jan-Mar) Dish of the Quarter

Grilled octopus tacos, with serranos torreados, crushed peanuts, and lime.

The octopus came tenderized, cooked, and frozen, so it was just a matter of thawing and grilling on medium for about 3-4 minutes a side (ok, maybe 5 on one side and 2 on the other). Serranos torreados are serrano chiles that you rub between your hands to “annoy” (torreado) and then char with onions (I used shallots) and season with salt and lime.


Panko crusted cod tacos. Simple and delicious! I seasoned the flour dredge for the fish with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning and salt. Then they were egg washed and dipped in panko. They shallow fried and about 340F. I made pico de gallo and we also added some spring mix that needed to get used up.


Al pastor style pork tacos. Forgot the pineapple!


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I now have a working corn tortilla recipe. 1 cup masa harina, 1/2 c + 3 T water, 2 T olive oil, salt.

Tortilla press made of two cake pans and some nonstick parchment paper:


Still needs a roll out.


Et voila.


With perch, pea shoots, salsa, sliced avocado.


Next time I will cook them longer, but I’m fine with every other aspect of the tortillas.


Great looking and sounding tacos!


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I made some quesabirria tacos using this recipe for the birria:

But with a few modifications - I added about a cup more water because I wanted more consommé (next time will add 2 cups), and also strained the consommé because there were some tough chili bits in there - next time will probably blend it in the Vitamix rather than with the immersion blender. Otherwise came out pretty good.

Made corn tortillas with Bob’s Red Mill masa harina.


I hope it tasted as good as it looks - the photos are mouth watering! :yum:

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That looks great! I need to make birria. It’s been too long (and I think I still have the braising liquid from the last one in my freezer)!

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Breakfast Tacos with Fresh Green Chorizo, Purple Potatoes, Eggs, and Cheddar

Today felt like a breakfast taco morning. I found in my freezer the last of a batch of Alex Stupak’s fresh green chorizo. I browned it up and added tomatoes, onion, garlic, serrano peppers. I let that cook down until saucy. Then I added diced purple potatoes that needed to get used up. Those cooked together until the potatoes got soft. Finally, I stirred in some eggs and cheddar and cooked until the eggs were cooked through and distributed. We had these with flour tortillas, scallions, sour cream, cilantro, and lime.


Carnitas tacos with guacamole