Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter - VOTING

Hello HOs! We had a lively discussion on this quarter’s DOTQ nomination thread and I am happy to present the finalists below. Since we have so many newcomers this quarter, I decided to let the nominations thread develop naturally this time around - given the discussion, it seemed best to narrow the nominations down by passing the 3-4 choices with the most mentions on to the final round. This will likely be our method going forward, and we’ll set the “rules” forth more formally next quarter.

The nominees this quarter are also a little more defined than the dishes we have covered in the past - they can certainly be expanded to include closely-related dishes if we find that the narrow focus is too limiting for a quarterly thread. Hopefully this quarter will help us to see how best to establish guidelines for future nominations.

Anyway, the top three nominees are listed below - please cast your vote (one per HO) by clicking the knife-and-fork icon on the appropriate post. ETA: Voting will close at 5pm on Thursday, March 31. Happy voting!


Like this post for GNUDI/GNOCCHI (Italian ricotta or potato dumplings).


Like this post for PANISSE (French chickpea flour fries).

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Like this post for SFIHA/FATAYER (meat/spinach/cheese pies from the Levant).


By the way, voting for Cuisine of the Quarter is also open! For those of you not familiar with COTQ, we focus on a single nation/area and talk about everything food related - restaurant meals, cookbooks and home cooked meals, chefs, specialty markets and ingredients, culture, etc. Anything goes on COTQ - come join us!

Thanks @biondanonima for organizing both!

When will the voting close?

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Oops, sorry about that - voting will close on Thursday, March 31 at 5pm. I’ll update my initial post to reflect this too. Thanks @naf!


Thanks, @biondanonima! I like all of these candidates. Going with sfiha for now, but I’ll be happy to cook along if one of the others wins.


COME ON !!! This is an impossible choice for me :frowning:


Actually me too! Need some time to think…

I can’t even pronounce the candidates, much less opine what they are. So I guess, “Whatever you guys say…”.

Lol, I had to look up panisse myself! I will add a little explanation of each to the posts above just in case anyone else has the same questions!

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The votes are in, and GNUDI/GNOCCHI is our winner by a landslide! The official DOTQ thread is here: GNUDI/GNOCCHI - Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter Thanks for your participation this quarter and happy cooking, HOs!

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