I've got two fresh pinapples from Hawaii!

Husband was gifted two pinapples from Hawaii, which have been in the refrigerator for three days.

I checked out my old

and they seem like good pinapples , but I’m not sure they should be in the refrigerator.

We’ve always loved the pineapple we’ve eaten on our trips to Maui, and I will certainly cut one up to eat fresh, and use the skin in a vinegar recipe I vaguely remember, but want a plan in case we can’t finish them both “as is”.

Husband loves upside down cake, but that sounds like work, and I don’t need to be eating that. Maybe I can try a version in my extra large muffin tins.

I love chutney and hot sauce, and maybe BBQ sauce, especially with July 4th approaching, but wonder how much I will really use.

Here is an old thread I found on Chowhound.

Blessed with TWO fresh pineapples. Any idea of what to do with them?

  1. Use it as a base for salsa. Very good with anything piggy

  2. Fry segments in butter. Add booze. Flame. Eat with cream/creme fraiche/ice cream

  3. Include as the “sweet” part in any sweet & sour stirfry. See above re piggy.

  4. Fried or grilled is a traditional British accompaniment to gammon.

  5. My companion in life’s upside down cake is a thing of wonder (but you’ve already discounted that)

By the by, our normal supermarket currently stocks ones from Ghana at 70p each ( 0.88USD)


Not discounted, just said I shouldn’t be eating it!* I have blood sugar issues and that means hard choices. Tell me more please.

*Oh; and that it sounds like work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pinapples from Ghana? Is that in the UK?

I found this;
Pineapple block farm success in Ghana



I’m finding this interesting.

Last one


People seem to love grilled pineapple, and it is prime grilling season, so…

Pineapple lassi would be pretty healthy - yogurt or kefir plus pineapple, maybe a touch of honey.

Also pineapple sorbet or granita, without much additional sweetener. (You could use this in lassi later too - added benefit of using up the pineapple now for later consumption)

If you’re into sweet/savory, this raita would be a good accompaniment (or any salsa, swap the tomato for pineapple - like mango salsa).

And apparently pineapple curry is a real indian thing (that I had never heard of).

Thai place near me has pineapple fried rice (my friends love it).

As a last resort, you could use it like asian pear or papaya in a marinade, iirc pineapple has enzymes that tenderize.


Sorry, I don’t know what to suggest… Love pineapples, I eat them with some salt and chilli flakes.

Sometimes the enzymes burn my tongue and mouth but not always. Burn as in quite painful and lasts a whole day.



We are eating one “as is”, and I’m wanting to make pinapple vinegar with the trimmings.

Pinapple Vinegar

Anybody familiar with this? Some recipes call for brown sugar, I don’t know why, and I don’t have enough brown sugar. And no “mother” from apple cider vinegar. Can’t believe that! I kept some for way longer than seemed reasonable.

OMG make a SHRUB!
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier…
I still have some from last summer in the fridge.

Same idea, but drinking vinegar - it sucks every last bit of flavor out, and lasts for ages. You’ll be spiking water and cocktails and remembering your Hawaiian pineapples well into the fall and winter :rofl:


A shrub would be perfect! I went through a shrub phase a few years ago. Do you think I need a “mother”? I apparently used mine up.

Here’s Michael Dietsch’s cold method:

Some combination of white and rice vinegar I think for a clean pineapple flavor.


Yayyy! I’ve got pluots and figs on the way!.

Shortcut is to thrown the fruit and sugar into the FP first, let that sit in the fridge for a day. Add vinegar right into that mixture, leave it all for another few days. Then strain.

I’m jealous. Might need to make a shrub soon.

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FP? Perhaps it’s getting late, but I’m not sure what that is.

Food processor

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Oh! Well I’m going to add some (local C&H) sugar tonight, and think about it tommorow.

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:worried:This face is my sixth choice. Has anybody gone through all these faces? The skin tone thing is not working.

I made this Pineapple, Lime, and Ginger Soup for guests recently. Everyone liked it.


Far from a serious suggestion but rather a historical note, there was, “mid-Century” a very popular destination roadside restaurant near Sacramento (actually Davis) called the Nut Tree. Very early “California cuisine”. One of their “must orders” was raw pineapple with marshmallow creme (out of a jar). We thought it was divine. Sounds absolutely disgusting now.


Its actually in Vacaville, and when we first moved here we used to go regularly! I don’t remember having that, though.


My gosh! How wonderful!! I love pineapple but can’t have much or i have an odd reaction and get something like a cold sore from them. Which sucks, pineapple is delicious!

The pineapple salsa idea sounds fantastic- or you could do something like a pineapple/black bean/bell pepper/red onion thing to eat as a bean based cold salad or even turn into a taco or lettuce wraps.

There’s the famous Dole Whip frozen dessert they sell at Disney, which uses pineapple juice. Makes a fairly healthy dessert option

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