Homemade flavored water

This summer we have been making more of an effort to use the cutaway fruits to flavor filtered water. Anyone else enjoying homemade flavored water?

So far, thats include pineapple cores, cucumber peels, lemon and lime rinds, apple peels and watermelon rinds. Left out on the counter a few hours and then in the frig overnight yields a nice flavor.

Do you have any recommendations for flavoring?


I like ginger water, myself - I think it quenches my thirst best. I just use trimmings/peels that I’ve rinsed well to remove all dirt: toss them in the water and let stand at room temp (er, our kitchen tends to be very hot, so “room temp” is usually 80+ degrees) for an hour or two, then into the fridge.

Years ago I used to use citrus rinds to make flavored, chilled water, but haven’t thought about that in recent memory. I think I need to start doing this again! (Maybe ginger lime?)

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Excellent suggestion, we enjoy fresh ginger. Thxs for the tip!

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I quite often just bung some mint and or pieces of lime/lemon in a jug of water, cucumber is pretty nice too. This year we’ve got some lemon verbena growing which we tried for the first time in carbonated water yesterday, after making a quick sirup with it to make it go further.

I’m wondering what other herbs make good additions, I’m tempted to try some of the more woodier savory types.


I wondered if fresh herbs would work. All sorts of mint just seemed to wilt and not impart flavor. Wevtried basil and spearmint but felt both too weak.

I wonder if there is a better way to infuse herbs. Maybe as a tea using dried and then strained and chilled.

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I’ve had success with basil- i kind of smashed it up with some ice and lemon like they do for a mojito before adding sparkling water.
I think the fresh herbs just need to be added per glass and have to be muddled/mashed a bit to release the flavorful innards


I have a juicer and make a big batch of this crazy potent ginger and lemon juice that i use for my kombucha, any leftover i add to ice water.

Grapefruit + cucumber
Ginger + any citrus
Strawberries + lemon + mint or basil
Watermelon + lime

I also like to add some chia seeds which seem to be a love/hate situation. I just do like a tsp per 16-20oz water which i do in a jar with a lid so i can shake it all up really well

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I have never tried chia seeds. Can you describe the flavor?

I like to put a few drops of bitters (Angostura, orange, lemon, etc.) into sparkling water.


Barley water is a very refreshing. Many small casual Japanese places offer complimentary cold barley water to customers. It is one of my favorite summer drinks.

Here is a bit of information. The roasted barley is available at Asian markets or online.

@Mr_Happy. Me too!
SodaStream + cherry bitters + squeeze of lime = summer. :slight_smile:


i use big springs of mint but my current favourite is ROSEMARY. i like the flavour so add a few big sprigs. Also sometimes I use a few green tea bags - very refreshing

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Barley water, completely new to me. I will read up.

We keep rosemary plants on the windowsill. Rosemary iced tea sounds good too.

I lived off barley water as a child, we had a pitcher of mugicha in the refrigerator at all times.

And my friend was aghast when I gave her a cup of mugicha instead of a cup of ice water (I was 8), I thought it was the same thing. You mean, there’s families that drink plain water from the tap? It was a revelation to me.


Make Shrubs. You can use almost any kind of fruit. There are two methods. 1: 2 parts fruit, 1 part sugar; 1 part cider vinegar. Bring to a boil, simmer 20 mins - then strain. 2: 2 parts fruit, 1 part sugar - mix - slightly bruising the fruit. Let stand 2 days in the fridge; strain - add 1 part cider vinegar. Mix shrub 1:3 with sparkling water.

For herbs - you have to bruise the herbs to get flavor when you add them to sparkling water.


Homemade shrubs would make a nice thread of its own! First time I ever enjoyed shrub was at a bar in VT with a beekeeper friend who made shrubs and Mead year round.

Our fav fruit shrub is blackberry and if I feel a cold coming on a honey shrub is a useful elixir.

Consider a shrub topic. I would like to learn more.

They don’t have a specific flavor the way sunflower seeds or sesame seeds do, really more of a texture that most people describe as similar to tiny tapioca. The ancient mayans apparently drank chia water to help stay hydrated and it’s popular with athletes making their own all natural gatorade. The little seeds absorb the liquid and poof up. Not a seed to sprinkle on a salad, but great in yogurt or oatmeal too.
I also use it for chia puddings but most often in smoothies since it works as a natural thickener. You mix them in and in like 5-10min they’re hydrated and have thickened.
In the water I don’t use much, more just as an added nutrition boost since they’re high in fiber and omega 3. I have a comically large bag from costco i keep in my freezer but you can get a little bag at trader joe’s or find it in natural food store bulk bins.

Their drink they use one TB but for me that’s a lot so i do a fat tsp or so.


Very interesting. Sounds like I have nothing to lose trying out a small bag. Thxs for your generous reply.

Of course! Its easy to just add a little here and there and get the extra boost of good omegas and fiber. If you google up chia pudding or chia drinks you’ll see there’s a million recipes, the chia puddings are usually dairy free but you can use regular milk. I like the ones that use some cashews or nuts to add that rich mouthfeel

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I love this.