Salted fermented shrimps - How to use?

Saeu-jeot - salted fermented shrimps, I have this at home, the shrimps are extremely salty, how can I use them except in making kimchi? Thanks.



If it is anything like the filipino’s salted fermented shrimp or fish, called BAGOONG, It is used in many ways. PATIS or fish sauce is by product of this fermentation process.

One of the favorite way to use it is to smear it on slices of unripe mangoes that are crunchy but sour. Somehow it makes the mango taste yummy.

Another way is to cook it with ground pork, ginger, garlic , tomato and a vegetable called chayote and or bitter melon served with rice although most of the above recipes found in the internet do not add fermented pork. Being born in the part of Luzon where they use bagoong with other stewed vegetables, my mother simply just prefer using chayote and or bitter melon instead of okra, squash , long beans and eggplant .
Of course, I have never tried this particular band of fermented shrimp but the filipino bagoong is really yummy cooked or served this way.

Here is recipe for stewed vegetable with bagoong


If you scroll down here there are some recipes that Maangchi uses those shrimp in


I just saw a recipe somewhere I can’t remember for Shrimp Salt.

I wonder if you could dry roast the shrimp in a heavy pan (or in a low temp oven) till completely dry, and grind to a powder to get a similar condiment.

The Bagoong looks like a fermented shrimp paste, isn’t it?

Ah thanks a lot, I did go to that page, but didn’t scroll down and miss the whole section!

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There are two kinds, one made with fish and one with small shrimp
They are smaller shrimp it seems and of course, there is a lavender tinge to them which may be coloring.
It is very salty, and has a certain smell which a lot of people object to but it is yummy with bitter melon or chayote ( it is almost like a squash that I peel and sliced like an onion) to saute after I cook garlic, onion ginger and ground pork.

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Soak for 10mins to rinse off salt. A few suggestions.

  1. Dry on paper towel and then toast in a non stick pan until crisp and golden browned. Sprinkle over fried rice.

  2. Add to omelette

Use as condiment, don’t rinse.

  1. Mix with fresh sliced Thai bird chilli, generous squeeze of lime, slice shallots. 1 teaspoonful of water. Use as condiment with SE Asian cuisine.
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That sounds blissful!

Thanks for the ideas in this thread. I need to finish my jar, too. I’ve been combining with gochujang plus varying other ingredients to make a condiment.

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This makes sense!!! Directly from the jar, it’s far too salty.

Also this Balchao/Balanchung looks delicious and reminiscent of another prawn pickle made with fresh shrimp.

And how about that homemade XO sauce