Salad of The Day (SOTD :tm:) — Did You Eat A Salad Today?

Nope…that’s why they sell replacements ! This was a combo micro/ convection/ conventional oven and every vendor is telling me they have to order it with a long wait. I’m calling the manufacturer tomorrow to get a hopefully accurate read on the situation.


My microwave is more than 30 years old, amazing.


Taking the opportunity to link this Roasted Vegetable Salad from the COOKING FROM thread for Gunpowder:

The cookbook uses roasted butternut squash, red bell pepper, zucchini, and fennel on a bed of mixed greens (and toasted walnuts…I added toasted squash seeds), but you could swap in whatever is seasonal. The dressing is a base of chopped cilantro (~1/4 c.), some fresh ginger, garlic, pinch of sugar, salt to taste, green chile (it says a half of one; I say “to taste”), a scoop of mango, and ~1/4 c. oil. I also added lime juice and zest. It makes a lot (blitz in your immersion blender) and keeps for about a week.


Sounds a lot like green chutney with mango added to sweeten / tame? I bet it would go with lots of things.

Nice combination of vegetables.

Thanks! It did seem very cilantro chutney like as I was making it, yes :slight_smile: Since the mango I used was rehydrated from dried, I didn’t find it particularly noticeable. I used a whole serrano when I made it.

@Amandarama’s Gunpowder salad inspired me to look in the book for something to do with the cabbage I bought (plan was Viet slaw but then I pivoted to Indian for the meal).

So Cabbage and Coconut salad for me tonight.

I would probably call this a slaw, not a salad, but hey that’s the recipe name so potayto potahto.

This was really tasty! Tempering of mustard seeds and urad dal, plus curry leaves (which I forgot) and green chilli. Then cabbage, ginger, and fresh (frozen in my case) grated coconut. Salt, sugar, lemon juice.


I improvised a crunchy salad with ribbons of Savoy cabbage, a grated carrot, green onion and some sliced snow peas.

I made an Americanized Thai peanut dressing for it (recipe, but I left out the white sugar and cut the honey to 1TBS) and served it with a grilled chicken thigh on top.


That sounds great.

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Wait, are you saying a slaw is not a salad?

That looks and sounds loverly!

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More inspo linked in the OP.

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I love beets and the one I had in my salad yesterday was delicious. It came in my CSA basket last Thursday and the farm I get my veggies from grows their veggies organically. The taste is far superior to any beet I’ve ever bought in the grocery store.

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Some varieties of beet have more of the metallic or dirt taste (due to presence of geosmin) that some people dislike.

The beets you liked might have been different variety.

I grow beets, and I purchase them. I find the beets grown to be stored over the winter, that are sold without their tops, are often a type with more of a dirt taste. I find roasting works better than boiling for that type. The winter storage beets also seem to be harder to chop or peel, and take longer to cook until tender, than fresh beets grown in the garden.


Thanks. This item is inspiring me.

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Nüssli sound so much cuter than Mâche.

Arugula salad with seared tuna/shrimp/pickled vegetables/grape tomatoes and Parm/Regg tossed in a lemon anchovy dressing.


Homegrown lettuce with clementines and spring onion. Dressing adapted from a David Leite recipe: white wine vinegar, honey, olive oil, citrus, chopped cilantro , pepper.


Big Italian salad with tuna. Little gem, red onion, cherry tomatoes, celery, garbanzos beans, green olives, pepperoncini. Dressing was garlic salt paste, rwv, mayo, evoo, oregano.


A quiet Viet cabbage slaw tonight.

Cabbage and ribboned carrots in a nuoc cham dressing with garlic and chilli, with cilantro and mint to finish.

I underestimated the chilli so its a a bit :fire: