What's for Dinner #107 - the Almost Sum-Sum-Summertime Edition - June 2024

Wagyu beef :hamburger: on the grill, with all the usual suspects.


I tried a new recipe from a cookbook I’ve had for awhile (“Whole Foods Guide” by Rosie Schwartz) and once a year I try a recipe, I enjoy it then forget about it. Tonight I tried a miso glazed basa fillet with bok choy and cherry tomatoes and I really enjoyed the flavour profile. It involves placing some bok choy and cherry tomatoes in a casserole dish. Rub the fish fillet with a little miso paste, garlic and ginger then place it on th veggies. Heat up a little vegetable stock and soy sauce then pour over fish then pop in a year 425 oven for 20 minutes.


Calamari steak, seasoned floured, egged and pankoed. Mac and pimento cheese, green onion. Red and green cabbage slaw with carrot, celery, parsley, Carolina dressing. Tartar sauce was mayo, sour cream, dried onion, whiskey cornichons from Germany, capers, garlic and dill. Negroni and wine.


I love a partner who cooks. I used to do all of the cooking despite the fact we both worked full-time jobs with commutes in opposite directions, with no take-out options once we hit home plate. That was the status quo for many, many years. Then I got breast cancer. Our dynamic changed. He stepped up and we have good meals - I did a lot of coaching and teaching in the process. BTW, he’s a mathematician and engineer.

My biggest hurdle is when he tells me “But that’s not what the recipe says”.


We enjoyed an outstanding dinner at Jessica’s Restaurant in Fanwood, NJ. It was our first time at their beautiful new location. What a difference from a small 7 table cafe (with a big tent in the parking lot for extra seating), to an absolutely gorgeous new restaurant with incredible attention to detail. We enjoyed pistachio crusted Australian half a rack of lamb, with Harissa yogurt, asparagus, almond quinoa, Merguez sausage; soft shell crabs with Fingerling potatoes, chorizo, sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, topped with arugula pickled onion salad, lemon honey dressing; shrimp rigatoni with Wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic fig glaze, white cream sauce; jumbo lump crab meat crepe with wild mushrooms and lobster sauce; P.E.I. mussels, shallots, applewood smoked bacon, fresh herbs, white butter sauce. It all went great with our favorite red blend and an excellent cabernet.


Was about to roast some chicken thighs… again! But then I pivoted to an easy-ish prep from the cookbook Gunpowdet instead.

Ghee roast chicken, cabbage and coconut salad, some chapatis from the freezer, and the last of my batch of rice+quinoa.

A nice Sunday meal, but now I want roast chicken tomorrow :joy:


Leftover bolognese over cavatappi, romano.


I need that right now - 2:40 am on the east coast. We had a heavy martini lunch with just a smither of food. Decided we weren’t hungry for dinner, but here I am.


Cavatappi’s such a fun pasta shape, and it goes with so many different sauces :slight_smile:

I use it with mushrooms, cream or meat sauces, and even make my mac salad with it. It also happens to be my PIC’s absolute favorite (mine’s pappardelle).


The squid does look good. Sorry it was a bust. Can you share your recipe? I love whole squid but have had mixed results cooking it at home

Beautiful! What a weekend full of friends and much deliciousness



1 clove garlic, grated
1 T olive oil
1 scallion, trimmed and sliced
1/4 cup parsley, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
crushed red chili flakes
1 T white wine

Pre-heat a pan (big enough to hold the squid in one layer) in a 500 degree oven. Combine garlic, oil, scallion & parsley. Toss with squid, salt, pepper and chilies. Put the squid in the pan, add wine and return the pan to the oven. Roast, stirring once, until squid is cooked.

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TY! I’m going to try it in cast iron on the grill as soon as I can get my hands on some good whole squid

A mathematician / engineer, stepping away from the written instructions of a recipe? You’re asking a LOT. :wink:


@lindawhit, @retrospek—apparently you can see what goes on at our house too. :laughing:


Pasta with crabmeat, cherry tomatoes and chive blossoms was one of our weekend meals.

Lovely combo, except the purchased handmade pasta I used was a bit too delicate for this preparation. Sturdier pasta would have been a better match. Also I wanted more chive blossoms than we had.


Ugh. He’s so literal. He finds recipes on line and tells me “It has 5 star reviews” then he cooks and it really sucks. I always have to ask him where he found the recipe and remind him he constantly tells me that half of the population is below average :joy:


Yeah - he can’t do it. Not in his DNA. Funny to watch, but not always fun to eat.


I have repeatedly mentioned to my spouse that you can’t just google a recipe and expect good results. Sources matter. Whoosh…


Yup. I’ve given up trying to intervene. Fortunately the kitchen doesn’t involve rocket science or security clearances, so no harm done…