Pomegranate Molasses - what do you do with it?

I too have pomegranate molasses languishing in my cabinet. Do you have a recipe?

I think it would make an excellent old fashioned riff with bourbon too - like a muddled luxardo cherry instead of a sugar cube.


Ohhh, hell, that sounds perfect!


Good idea. I bet it would be good in a Margarita too.


“My kids” just arrived from Turkey with this “acuka” . No pomegranate molasses but much in common with Muhammara.

"The original version of acuka is said to be from Syria and there are also variations such as muhummara in the Middle-East and adjik or adjika in Georgia and Russia. Some versions are spicy, some versions are not, some contain tomato as a main ingredients, others have a focus more the red pepper ingredient.

The key to success in making it is to get a really good sun-dried paprika paste…"

Also this one, which DIL calls “Absinnian Salt”; similar ingredients she says, but mostly salt.


Ooh! Love the goodies!

I made Adjika from the cookbook Kachka a while back - really good with a bitter note from fenugreek. I haven’t come across the bitter in turkish cooking, it’s interesting that it’s a home sauce there too.

Re Abyssinian spice - is it their term for berbere?

ETA: I’m intrigued by the adjika/acuka origin story now. Nothing similar in Musa Dagdeviren’s tome. Thanks for the rabbit hole… should be fun

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I love a good rabbit hole!

She says it’s “Abysinnian SALT” and its REALLY salty. I love berbere, and it doesn’t remind me of that. Can’t find much about it on the webz.

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Since this has now become a thread of it’s own, and you guys keep posting in this thread I can no longer resist.

(one of my fathers frequently told jokes when I was a child)

Daddy mole, momma mole and their two children (moles) were walking out of their hole in the ground as the first baby mole leading the way pauses and says: " I think I smell pancakes"

Second child following the first says: " Yeah I smell I smell it too, pancakes and syrup"

The momma mole next in line takes a few steps further exclaims!: " Yes!! Pancakes syrup and butter"!!!

The poppa mole bringing up the rear of the line with his head down, plowing forward says: “All I smell is Mole-asses”


NOW I understand where you get it from!! lol!


So many wonderful suggestions here.

How about:

Pumpkin (or butternut) spread/hummus

Israeli pomegranate chicken (which reminds me a lot of a Georgian braised chicken dish)

Tomato and walnut salad with pomegranate molasses and sumac dressing (from Persiana)


Nothing specific - I usually just add a splash to a gin and soda (which I prefer to gin and tonic, as I find most tonic water overwhelmingly sweet). Sometimes with a splash of elderflower liqueur as well if I want a tiny bit more sweetness. Or use it instead of Chambord in a French mimosa!


Thanks, I was thinking of a splash in a G&T. I don’t like soda, I like Fever tree tonics, I find them less sweet. With the tartness I might try some in a Negroni.


Sweeten some mascarpone with honey or whatever strikes your fancy. Put a small scoop of it atop peeled, seedless orange slices fanned on a dessert plate. Drizzle with pomegranate molasses. Refreshing dessert, especially for a brunch.


Go to your room.


I just used it to intensify the sweet/sour in broth to braise cabbage rolls.

Using it in vinaigrette also sounds like a marvelous idea, I will try it.

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