Non-Italian pizza

Which pizzas do you appreciate that make some people roll their eyes?

I love seeing the directions where pizza goes…

Some pizzas that intrigue me:

Mexican pizza

German pizza topped with tuna fish

Mr Sotiropoulos of Chatham, Ontario’s contribution to Gastronomy (and maybe Southwestern Ontario’s only food to go global) , the Hawaiian Pizza

Saskatchewan pizza

Duck, pear and honey pizza at a fancy Neapoltian place using 00 flour in Toronto

Kosher pizza (King David or Yehudele’s in Toronto)

Corn-topped pizza and other Japanese pizza

Perogy Pizza (Boston Pizza, topped with potato, cheese, bacon, sour cream)

Pizza pierogies (Cheemo brand)

Pizza bagels

Greek pizza (both the Western Canadian kind which means spinach and feta, and the bastardized pizzas found in Greece)

What other pizzas have caught your interest?


This Argentinian fugazzeta rellenos looks amazing


Wolfgang Puck’s Pizzas With Smoked Salmon and Caviar

All the California Pizza Kitchen creations: esp, BBQ chicken


Roberta’s bee sting

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Turkish pizza

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Roberta’s bee sting?
Tell me more :relaxed:

Good stuff.


Cool :sunglasses:

Tandoori chicken pizza with cilantro and yogurt drizzle at Joey’s Tomato in Calgary circa 2002

Forgot about California Pizza Kitchen. Very big deal when I ate there , at a Los Gatos location around 2000.

My first Breakfast pizza with a soft egg yolk, mushrooms and bacon, at Downtown Creamery Bakery in Healdsburg, CA . My cousin worked there for years . Oct 2010

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I enjoy breakfast pizza. Fresh eggs on pizza so good.

Potato and garlic or white clam are some favorites too.

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The kothu roti-topped pizza at Detroit- style Descendant Pizza in Toronto is amazing.

This Filipino Detroit-style pizza place in Toronto is on my wishlist

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This one gives me a chuckle. Is the pizza called Boston pizza or does it come from a pizza place by the name of Boston Pizza? I’m asking because people from Boston, Massachusetts generally wouldn’t make the link between those toppings and pierogi. Pierogi aren’t super common here.

Sounds good in any case. Makes me think of flammkuchen, too. ETA: Which you just mentioned as I was typing this. :grinning:


Has Toronto adopted Detroit style?

Mallorquin: A “COCA”, which it is called here, is a type of Ancient Roman - Pizza, however, traditionally it is not made with cheese.

It is prepared with bread dough; extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, onion, garlic if you wish, red bell pepper, and Acelgas which are a Swiss Chard type Leafy Green Vegetable which one removes the thick white stems.

It is prepared in a rectangular format.

Today in Palma de Mallorca, one can find a wide variety of toppings for their Coca which means TO COOK in Latin (verb: coquere).

It is related to the Focaccia, however, the taste is distinctly different.


So 2000+ years old tavern pizza :smiley:


Ha Ha. Yes, it has quite a history. Prior the The Romans arriving in Barcelona and Girona; they took ships from Italy´s west coast to Mallorca . There are Roman ruins on Mallorca …

Spain was ruled by The Romans for quite some time. Approx 500 to 600 years.

Still functioning are the bridges in Mérida, Badajoz, Extremadura. This is the beginning of what we call the Silver Route of Spain from South to North …

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My sister in law makes the best coca I’ve ever tasted. It makes a very regular appearance at family gatherings (when we could have family gatherings)


Boston Pizza was owned by Greek immigrant owners in Alberta who liked the Boston Bruins and Celtics. :slight_smile: It’s a low end chain with locations across Canada now. Edmonton has a huge Ukrainian population and influence, so that explains the perogy pizza being an option, and fairly popular.

And the late Detroit Eatery in TO was a greasy spoon where people could watch the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Lions. No Detroit food whatsoever. Bacon and eggs, omelettes, souvlaki and burgers.


We have maybe 3 Detroit style places now, which charge a premium and are trendy right now.

We also have several Neapolitan places, a couple places with Roman pizza al taglio (this is my slice from Eataly on Sunday)

The old school Toronto pizzerias have been closing lately, at least 2 were lost this past year, one the year before that. I’ll post some photos of traditional Toronto-type pizza . It’s not really a style people talk about outside Toronto. Whereas people from Windsor ON and Saskatchewan pine for their types of regional pizza that cannot be found in Toronto.