Non-Italian pizza

Amazing :grin:
I love this stuff.

Now I get it, thanks. That’s an interesting reason I never would have guessed.

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Old school Toronto- style pizza from Frank’s Pizza House

Danforth Pizza House

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Best pizza I ever had was in Greece. Medusa’s on the island of Skiathos.


Flammekuechen! Absent an Alsatian chef, Trader Joe’s Tarte D’Alsace is a decent substitute.


While we can’t see it in its entirety here in the States, the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast apparently has a big Boston Pizza sponsorship presence?

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Lemon Pizza. I’ve been making this for years. I usually sub smoked salmon for the salmon roe. It is vey good with meyer lemons.


Probably when the Oilers are playing in Edmonton. Not sure it’s at the Calgary Saddledome.

Not sure whether it’s sponsoring the Leafs, Sens or Canucks-wouldn’t think so, but who knows
BP wouldn’t be sponsoring the Habs.

I’m a bad Canadian, I rarely watch NHL games.

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A Coca is quite a treat …

My mom and maternal grandmother prepare a very delicious one too and one of my daughter in laws also as she is Mallorquina !!! And owns a very tiny Créperie on one of the Capes in northeast Cataluna.


Kosher pizza. Nope! I have to have real Italian sausage on my pie. No soy faux meats. Nope, nope, nope.

Bookmarked this one!


I’ve not seen fake kosher meat/vegetarian/soy Italian sausage on kosher pizza.

The idea of doing that (fake meat with cheese) is technically kosher but ideologically traif .

I suppose some meat eaters could make a kosher beef Italian sausage with fake kosher, non- dairy cheese/nut cheese pizza, but again, that would be technically kosher and ideologically traif.

I’ve had veggie kosher pizza, and kosher pizza with pineapple. It’s been tasty.

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Move over pizza bagels, it’s time for pizza babka

Gouter in Toronto

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The hillbilly version.


I went to grad school in SE Ohio . . . closer to West Va than any city in Ohio. I had forgotten pepperoni rolls, but they were tasty and cheap. I may try to replicate them in the near future: pizza dough, mozz and pepperoni.


Now I’ve hit the non pizza wall. This looks like a craft project.

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That doesn’t seem to be any kind of pizza.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold