Hyper-regional pizza styles are a source of local pride

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Non-Italian pizza

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TBH there is absolutely nothing to be proud of when it comes to Altoona’s… concoction. I’m not going to call it a pizza. It’s an abomination. But I guess Altoona doesn’t have much else to be proud of.

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I used to deliver for a pizza place that put all the toppings beneath the cheese (they used gouda). And it was really f’n good :slight_smile:

My favorite order was 1/2 ham, spinach, shrooms and the other 1/2 corn, tuna, onions. Damn delicious.

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I missed the earlier thread about Indian pizza. Bombay Pizza Co. opened in downtown Houston in 2009 and there was a lot of buzz about it. I never go downtown to eat so didn’t pay much attention but I remember the reviews were good. Unfortunately, they closed in March, 21, and haven’t reopened.

There still a menu online and lots of pics. Looks pretty good. Sorry I didn’t ever check it out.

There is another place, claiming to be in business since 2013, in Stafford, much more accessible to me, and I’ve actually been in the storefront. Olives pizza was co-located with Kerala Kitchen, a caterer that welcomed walk-ins for orders of whatever they were making for the day. I had been to KK several times. I didn’t pay any attention to the pizza offerings. They’re still adjacent but perhaps not connected; KK has changed its name to Delicious Kerala Kitchen and may have become a sit-down restaurant.

Here’s a menu on Yelp. I’ve also seen mention of Kerala Wings. The place gets good reviews.

I’m looking for any others.

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Funny thing, I ate there quite a bit. Sometimes I’d pick up lunch, but more often I’d stop by before they closed to pick up dinner to take back to the hotel, just to mix it up with the (very nice) hotel restaurant room service (other delivery options were scant then). Good pizza, decent kathi rolls (but very different than nyc), great sweet potato fries!

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L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn puts the cheese first, then the sauce, on their Sicilian (square) pies. I don’t know of anywhere else that does this, even in NYC. The cheese sort of becomes part of the crust. Hard to describe but really delicious.


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I would think Sudbury, Sault St Marie and Hamilton have enough of an Italian population to have developed good and distinct regional pizza, but I haven’t seen anyone write about it yet.


May I assume that Italians didn’t emigrate to Canada like they did to America?

We have a very large Italian Cdn population in Canada,
around 4.6 % of the population.
Different immigration pattern than in the States due to different immigration policies and waves.

The regional pizzas in Canada (Saskatchewan, Hawaiian from Chatham, Pictou)have often been developed by Greeks, since Greek Canadians ran more restaurants across Canada, outside the big cities. Very few Italian immigrants in the restaurant business outside the big cities, relative to Greek immigrants who went directly into the restaurant business, then developed pizzas for their client base.


Very interesting.

I wonder if that’s Sicilian specific. Maybe 20 years ago the first food truck I ever came across (aside from halal carts and the morning coffee carts) was a pizza truck with oven on board in midtown. That’s exactly how they did their pizza - sauce over cheese, square slices.

Chicago style is sauce over cheese + toppings too, but that’s different given the dough, depth, and bake.

I’d like to try authentic Detroit style pizza. Are there any national chains that produce the real thing? Thanks!

Good question! As far as NYC pizza, I’ve yet to encounter an other place that puts the cheese on the bottom on the Sicilian slices.
Now this pizza truck you speak of intrigues me. Do you happen to remember the name? I’m always up for a little food related research :slight_smile:

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Fried rosemary and maple syrup would make this a no go for me.
Shouldn’t Nova Scotia have a fish pizza?

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Maritimers like their beef, pork and bacon, too.

I’ve had an excellent apple, maple syrup, bacon and cheese pizza at a restaurant called Foxy in Montreal.

Lots of places are drizzling pizza with hot honey lately.

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