May 2022 Cookbook of the Month - Voting

Thanks to everyone who nominated books for May. We had 24 nominees, and the love was pretty evenly spread between many of them. The two with the highest total, each with five nominations, were COOK, EAT, REPEAT by Nigella Lawson and THE NEW MIDWESTERN TABLE by Amy Thielen.

To vote, click on the knife and fork icon below the comment for your book of choice. If you change your mind soon after you vote, you can unselect the icon, and then click it on the other option. If the platform will no longer let you change your vote, please leave a comment on this post to let me know.

Please vote with the intention of cooking from the vote and reporting on your results, should your choice become our COTM. Please do not reply to the voting comments. If you wish to discuss the books, start a new comment in reply to this post. Voting will close at noon EDT on Friday, April 22.

Don’t forget, you can still join in our April selection, Simple Thai Food.


To vote for COOK, EAT, REPEAT, click the knife and fork icon to the lower right of this comment.


To vote for THE NEW MIDWESTERN TABLE, please click the knife and fork icon to the lower right of this comment.


oh I so hope that The New Midwestern Table finally gets its time in the sun

24 hours left to vote and it’s a dead heat! Vote now if you haven’t done so already.

Voting is now closed.

Announcement thread is here:

Reporting thread for May: