May 2022 Cookbook of the Month - Announcement

The voting was very close, with just one vote making the difference. THE NEW MIDWESTERN TABLE by Amy Thielen will be our May Cookbook of the Month. Use this thread for general discussion as you prepare to cook from the book. I will post a reporting thread on May 1.

If you are new to COTM, and want to see how we arrived at our selection, you can visit our nomination thread and our voting thread.


There are quite a few recipes on her website including this really enticing pot roast recipe. I might follow along that way, if that’s OK, as I am not buying new cookbooks at this point.

The complete recipe for the rhubarb lime pie on her website (only partially shared) is on the Saveur website:


Just ordered a used copy of this book, and hope to participate in COTM. Thanks for setting it up!

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Amy Thielen has built herself the dreamiest working kitchen:

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I enjoyed the 2 seasons or so of her show Heartland Table on Food Network. I still don’t understand why it was canceled. It was back when Nancy Fuller was doing her upstate NY show Farmhouse Rules and before Ree Drummond and The Kitchen basically took over every hour on FN from 7 am to 1 pm.

Come to think of it I haven’t seen any new shows by Trisha Yearwood in months. The last season of whatever they were calling it was all just memory/compilation shows I guess due to COVID preventing the filming of new material.

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Pleased to see a cookbook I own as COTM. I’ve made several recipes from the book multiple times. This will be good incentive for me to try some new ones.


I feel the same way!

What have you made? I have had this book on kindle for ages but have yet to try anything. I look forward to exploring it.

I’ve made:
–beer cheese soup (mixed results–made 3 times)
–Nebraskan runzas (apparently inauthentic but still good)
–breaded stuffed pork chops with ham and gruyere (amazing–made at least 4 or 5 times)
–buttered milk peas (delish)
–young green beans with lemon-vodka cream (I am absolutely obsessed)

I thought I made more than this small handful of recipes but apparently not. Flipping through it to report what I’ve already made has reminded me why I have always intended to revisit this book.


I loved her show on Food Network (back when I had TV) and will be very interested to read everyone’s comments.

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Lost my notes w/ CH closure, but I know I’ve made
p 93 Seven Layer Russian Salad
p 62 Beet pickled eggs with hot mustard dust
p 313 Rhubarb Lime icebox pie (with a note that we loved the crust, didn’t like filliing)


Thanks, Mel! Is the consensus to keep COTM to a single reporting thread, the way it is this month, or will there be multiple threads in the future?

My thinking right now is to keep it a single reporting thread. I think the threads are easier to navigate here than on CH, and fewer threads keeps it simpler and easier for people to follow. But I would love to hear feedback from others on this.


Seems like a good plan to me.

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Sounds good to me too. I find the threads load more easily here (thus no performance issue when there are several 100 posts).

Your reporting thread for May is up!

The Rhubarb-Lime Icebox Pie sounds to-die-for, and something my Midwestern FIL would enjoy. Thank you for the link!