Lunch 2020

Yakisoba with chicken.


Oh my! The kid must love you!

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I just baked pb cookies for todays lesson.


Freezer sweep and some eggs to wrangle.
Easy lunch fix.



Rancho Gordo white beans (cooked in stock from roast chicken) with leftover roast chicken and pickled Serrano peppers


Salmon rilltetes.


Chicken parmy and a salad.


Sometimes I just want one thing on my bread, but cheese is the most common thing I eat anyway. This time I made ricotta from raw, full fat buffalo’s milk. Still warm (I kept draining the whey in the bowl).

These days the daily news only stirs up anger and frustration in me. I hope photos of empty woods bring you peace and calm your minds.






Leftover half a duck breast

Vietnamese-style scrambled eggs with very ripe tomatoes I saved especially for this dish. (Chinese-style has soya sauce, and a drop of sesame oil)

Calming photos continue

Magpie’s feather

A big fungus. I don’t know the name, yet.

The woods are alive, if you look close enough. Quite many of these guys around. He stopped rolling the ball of dirt when he saw/heard me, pretending to be dead by staying very still.


Keep those peaceful nstural photos humming🙏


Pad thai.


Your photo of the pine cone with the tiny mushrooms spouting up is perfection to me. Thank you for sharing moments of calm.





Hiroshima style okonomiyaki


No particular theme. I just put a few odds and ends together.

Cured salmon belly


Kept forgetting this one. I tested growing endive in a pot late in the summer. It worked. Supermarket endives are big, mine is so small. Anyway, it’s long gone. Will probably try again next year.

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Nature photos again.
Tiny feather. Greenish above the downy half.

On the same tree stump

Just a simple leave but looks more “poetic” from a low angle.

I must have stopped him dead in his tracks. He stayed absolutely still for the photo shoot.

This one wouldn’t stay still


I don’t deep-fry at home, I leave it to the fishmonger.

No chips, just Vietnamese-style noodles (fish sauce, garlic, lime juice, chillies etc).

Paths in the woods. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day.


Some leaves collected on this walk

And some more. I used them as background for another food photo.


Still hankering for pasta around here. When our son was a child, he called this ravioli lasagna. About to head over to the fire pit for lunch.

And, a big show of gratitude to all Veterans today! Thank you for your service.



I am making salmon rillettes again, as I always seem to have leftover grilled and sous vide salmon.

Notes to self;

Several combine both hot and cold smoked salmon. I’ve been doing grilled and sous vide. Smoked might last longer. Longer would be better.

Most contain citrus, at least in the poaching liquid. Also celery and bay leaves , as is white wine, fennel or anise flavor, sometimes as Pernod.

Fats/dairy include butter, and maybe mayo, sour cream or creme fraiche, and/or olive oil. Ratio of fat varies a lot, and melted butter is sometimes poured over to seal and preserve.

Allium almost always includes shallot, but often chive or green onion, or leek in a poaching liquid .

There is also occasional mention of cayenne, smoked paprika and coriander ! I think I’d like that.


North Sea shrimps with rye bread.

3 different types of rye bread

A country road. Bike path is on left.

To the right of photo above. In some areas the leaves were still green a couple of weeks back, but other areas were already colourful due to different types of trees.

This bike path goes right through the whole woods. When we are done walking we bike on this path to the farm at the opposite end of the woods.

Kale from the farm next to the woods. Farmer uses a machine to wrap the whole kale plant like a bouquet

This is the plant before harvesting. The “bouquet” is literally the entire plant.


Red kuri squash pureed with some doenjang. I like red kuri a lot. Very aromatic and creamy. Almost like chestnut.

I usually eat oysters with a squeeze of lime juice and nothing else but sometimes, only sometimes, I add something different. Kimchi brine.

Beer and natto in the small dish. I know you are supposed to eat natto with rice but I don’t eat rice. It’s nice smeared on bread.

Mushrooms will grow on nearly anything that’s moist


Same mushrooms in photo above, between 2 trees (actually 1 tree that splits itself in 2).

Big spongy fungus


Probably tinder fungus

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2