Lunch 2021

I’m sure the mystery is better than the reality. Husband complains that my tuna salad is better than what he gets at our fancy supermarket. I’m thinking it’s just tuna salad, but added some celery, relish, extra mayo and shallots to his store bought. I suspect it’s also the quality of the tuna, but I don’t usually use the imported stuff for “tuna salad”.


Sandwich on roll with some pernil from the freezer and onion warmed up in the oven, lettuce, tomato, aioli.


Shrimp fried rice


I bet your additions do transform the flavor and texture of the salad.

I always doctor the deli chicken salad I get (which is very good to begin with).

Salmon rillettes recipe please @shrinkrap!

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Don’t get me started!

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Looks like a (beef-less?) Joe’s Special?

Finally, uploaded some photos and have time to post them.

Greek is great, but Turkish is pretty terrific, too.
Roasted aubergine salad topped with lamb mince.

Meatballs, domas and cheese.

Salad and chickpea-tahini puree

Quark with honey and pistachios

An Arabic saying which means to say the bond that is built between people based on respect through eating together.

Sunday afternoon coffee, before a Turkish-inspired dinner.

Quark with honey. I eat this almost every day, sometime with fruits (“spoon sweets”).

A kilo of kumquats. Made “spoon sweet” with half, the rest just for snacking or sliced into salads.

A batch of dumplings

Easy lunch

Savoy cabbage like it used to look and taste. Green and bitter (too bitter if you think broccoli is bitter). If you are lucky to find a farmer who still grows real savoy cabbages. Supermarkets’ cabbages are rubbish now. Mostly pale green and hardly bitter.

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Gratuitous photos of the garden birds (great tit juveniles/ (Parus major).
Must be nice, to be lounging around all day, sleeping during the day (first 2 photos) when you don’t have to pay for food, rent, taxman and answer to your masters in Brussels.

Only knows how to eat, sleep and play, and still gets tired from all that.

My plant is not a bath! He was doing the bathing as if in water and dust.

I must have Greek/Greece on my mind. Looks to me like Spanakopita, spinach pie with feta.


A few recent lunches.

Spiced carrot soup - this needed coconut milk to soften the flavor, but I didn’t feel like opening a can so I used regular milk.

Focaccia croutons - used up the last bit of focaccia I made last week.


Sardines on toast - riffing on the flavors in our family recipe for sardine sandwiches (yes, we have one of those). Homemade bread, quick-pickled onions, oil packed sardines, sumac, green zhoug/schug/chutney.


Mixed-grain masala paratha made with paneer whey, masala tea.


Panko-fried egg, toasted homemade bread.



Bun thit nuong


I kinda want you to make my lunch every day.


Lovely photographs.

Yeah. For sure. His lunches are always so yummy.
And I “want” you to make my (Indian) (flat)breads every day. :laughing:

Looks almost just like how it’s served in Vietnam, Mr. Happy.

Thanks, Barca!

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You are welcome and have a enjoyable weekend.

I don’t even make my own flatbreads every day :joy: - but I’ll happily make some for you when I make them for me :smile:

You’re one to talk, with your lavish feasts! I’d happily make a trip your way to partake!

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I meant your home-made breads. I am big bread eater but not a competent baker and often admire breads made by other people. The Turkish supermarket I shop at has fantastic Turkish tandoor bread made fresh daily right in the shop. I buy it all the time for Meze-style meals.

Looking forward to the weekend’s big lunches again. During the week it’s just simple sliced bread with cheese!

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:joy: I do have a large amount of instant ramen to use up!

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Tortilla is 40% carrot. Red paste is a puree of broad beans and and beetroot. The drink is rhubarb with some honey added.

I made “fauxjitas” and had some leftover tortillas, now perfect for this after coming back from the woods.

This tiny nest fell down in front of me in the woods. It was a windy day and this nest really weighs nothing. Wonder who was the nature’s architect that built this tiny nest. Eurasian wren are tiny but the nest in the Wiki article doesn’t look like this one. Could be a goldcrest’s.

And the 2 feathers I found in the woods the same day. Such a beauty of nature.

I don’t usually cook scallops so aguachile is a good treatment for this delicate tasting seafood. The “aguachile” needed to be strained a few times to remove most of the pulp. I used some chard leaves for the vibrant green.

Same as above, with rhubarb and some beetroot.

Forgot this one… Mung bean noodles, with prawn and fish sauce is Vietnamese(-style), extra raw garlic in it.


Wow! Looks so nice!

Mac and cheese and steamed broccolini and zucchini

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2