Lunch 2020

Nice lunches, everyone. Mine are simpler this week.
The figs are finishing, the kakis are arriving!

Just eggs and North Sea shrimps

Chunks of livers in cream. Paprika-garlic butter sauce. The cream has paprika and some annatto.



Sous vide scrambled eggs with toasted homemade baguette.

The eggs were lovely and creamy, but my stovetop soft-scrambled eggs are also that in half the time :rofl:

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LOVE chilaquiles, but somehow never think to make them :woman_facepalming:t2:


Me too, I only thought to make them because I had some tortilla chips leftover from last night’s burrito and some jarred salsa in the fridge.


Egg fried rice


Well THAT didn’t happen. :disappointed_relieved:

Started out making pot roast sandwiches, but there was only enough baguette left for one :joy:

So I made some rice noodles someone boiled last night but didn’t use into indian hakka noodles since I had all the makings for a change - cabbage, carrots, peppers.

Pretty good (so was the sandwich - I snuck a bite).


I used up leftover indian-style cabbage in some dumplings (muthiya) - mix of flours/grains (finger millet, whole wheat, quinoa), topped up the seasoning, and dolloped onto steaming trays. Then tempered them after they were done.

Quick, tasty, homey. But next time I’ll cook the quinoa first, I didn’t love the texture.


This week’s sandwiches:


tandoori chicken from freezer

tuna salad


Chilaquiles casserole? :grinning:. Sort of a strata. Not bad! Everyone had some!

Eggs a bit firm for my taste, but it is certainly a reprieve for these leftovers.


Intriguing! Is it tortillas, bread, other?

Store bought tostada shells from tostadas I made a week or so ago.

ETA Wow, more than two weeks old!

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Another week, another dozen of oysters.


Have been walking in another woods lately. It’s a military training terrain, big paths for military vehicles and the paths are very sandy. Have to wear walking shoes with ankle support to hike around here. Chinooks and “normal helicopters” fly very low overhead constantly it’s almost like being on the set of a Vietnam war film.

I was waiting to see soldiers jump out of the Chinook like in war films but they did not. You also see spent ammo on sandy paths.

Ammo boxes and spent ammo are dumped thoughtlessly next to a tree near the path. This is one, but there are at least 5 other in the same spot! I have been thinking maybe I will send this photo to the department of defence. They are supposed to take all this back to the base and properly dispose of it.


Potted North Sea shrimps


One kilo of shrimps. Took me 2 hours to peel them all. The shells make fantastic soup stock. I saw the price in Lyon, France and Brussels, Belgium… 3 times as much. But then we have the biggest shrimp fleet and transport/distribution distance is much closer.

More photos from my recent walks in the woods. First collage contains paths.

Mushrooms are absolutely everywhere but none is edible. Colourful leaves I collected.

We are in the middle of a 4 week partial “lockdown”, already 1,5 weeks in now. Visual guidance (approach lighting system) at the airport was on and you see a plane in the background. Photo taken just before the “lockdown”. Intense flashing lights were still on then.

Now the airfield fell silent again. Government says restrictions will remain strict until at least December.


Bucatini with tomato sauce.


We lived near an Army base west of Boston and frequently saw paratroopers parachuting out of low flying planes from our backyard…no ordinances though. Now we live on Cape Cod, and they still find unexploded ordinances from WWII.

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Omurice with a slightly overcooked omu.


Oh my…that makes me very happy.

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I spread some Fix and Fogg maple pb on these pumpkin muffins and shared them with my 6 year old neighbor during his guitar lesson. We share a love of pb and guitar.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold