Lunch 2020

New lunch thread for the new year.


My usual lighter lunch. Scrambled eggs too.


I’m not in diet mode, just “making better decisions” mode.

Kale salad with radishes and honey mustard cut with red wine vinegar:


I thought I would get a break from eating Italian/Sicilian food when I got home. Then remembered all this stuff I brought back.

This is only half. The other half is the same cheese, pistachio and lemons. The lemons are usually grown in people’s own gardens so I presume no pesticides are used. I wash them and eat the peel as well. Fantastic aged and (double) smoked ricotta. Hard to find even on mainland Italia. The simplest way to enjoy these cheeses are to grate them over pasta, or a slice of it on bread. I asked the English speaking cheesemonger and that’s what she told me.

DIY pasta



Your pictures are so good!

Thank you. I need light, I need a camera that’s not a phone. Much of the image quality lies in the lens.

Nowadays some high-end phones can produce beautiful photos, also of food. But it’s not for me and I’m not a phone user.

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On dh’s suggestion, we fried up some of last night’s rillettes (see “French Cuisine of the Quarter”) and voilla -> carnitas! Made salsa, heated tortillas and while taquerias in the Mission have nothing to fear from us, these tacos were quite okay.

Remind self to keep rillettes in the fridge for instant snacks and lunches.

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I sometimes use leftover confit duck in tortillas. Duck carnitas?

I don’t really know much about the real Mexican cuisine (there are many regional cuisines as well). Want to discover it and the country in future travels. I’ve crossed Australia, country of my childhood dreams (!), off my list and replaced it with Mexico! No visa hassle and costs much less when you get there. History, culture, food, beaches, mountains, deserts… Mexico will give Australia a run for its money.


New job, new lunch!
Chez Soul
Really good and pretty busy at 1:00 on a Wednesday. And service was good too. Way better than a few years ago.

Sure hope I don’t make this a habit!
I usually get sushi at my other workplace.


Beats a desk lunch for sure.

Congrats on the new job!

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I love this Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Soup for lunch


Welcome, Welschwhiskings.

3 dozens in 1 go


I braised quail in cream which lasted 3 meals. Then coconut water and chilli paste were added to the cream to make a soup broth. This is the result and also the last of the 3 meals.

Kale, fresh crab meat and wheat noodles. Red powdery bits are dried prawn roe.

The chilli paste I made

The original quail braise from which this lunch is made


Pho get about it!


Today I’m eating Korean!
Koong Jyun Korean BBQ Fairfield, CA

Pork and beef bulgogi, picked stuff, and fried wings.
The pickled stuff was good,
Otherwise, not as good as the fried chicken from last week, or the Pho from yesterday.

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So I’m getting my hair twisted, the doorbell of my “stylist” rings, and it’s the son- of- a- neighbor -from- China- she’s -teaching- English -in- exchange - for- landscaping- consultation.
He brings this!

Stylist is vegan, doesn’t remember what they are called, and doesn’t eat them but I do! Yum.


Pork-Char Siu Bao?

Maybe it’s this:

Check out the list of Chinese pastries, too.

Nice that you can eat all kinds of food near work. We don’t have that culture here. No warm lunches and no such a vast variety cuisines near work, not to mention there’s not enough time for a warm lunch. And almost nobody wants a warm lunch, save for me.

In this (food) hell I make my soup with these from Chinese supermarkets. Beef balls and some Vietnamese products we have available here come from France.


We lived in the Netherlands for 2 years. I was generally able to find everything I needed to cook what we like, but finding restaurants serving food we wanted to eat was not easy. The only things I missed were Italian sausages, winter squash and grain-fed well marbled beef. My landlady told me to ask for “Venkelwurst” at the butcher shop but it was hardly edible because somehow the Dutch decided in addition to fennel they needed nutmeg.

My landlady saw a butternut squash and an acorn squash on our kitchen counter one fall and scolded me that they were not edible!! My husband worked a NATO project and was frequently at Ramstein AFB in Germany and could shop for groceries there - so winter squash, Italian sausage and ribeye steaks were always on my wish list. They had huge, thick “Single Soldier” steaks that we could make several meals from.

We missed eating out while we were there. But for lunch, we could go to the Leidschendam mall and get a kip doner and always looked forward to those!!

I will be visiting the Netherlands this fall!

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