London, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris in September

Thank you! I do that on my list, but right now we have a 6:30 PM reservation at Grenadier. I might make it earlier, as I don’t know how ill be feeling our first day.

I know we considered Hawksmore, and it’s on the list, as is The Wolsley , and I’ll make sure The Ivy is also on there. .

I’m no Harters, but I’ve always seen Sunday roast as a Sunday afternoon thing (2-3pm, although with serving options between noon-5pm). That said, some restaurants can get rather popular and people start showing up for a proper lunch. So I’d check with the restaurants. (Capitalism knows no tradition. :slight_smile: )


@shrinkrap You may be on your trip already (enjoy!), but I thought I’d mention that Asma Khan’s Darjeeling Express is doing a pop-up somewhere else even though the restaurant is still closed.

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It’s sometimes offered all day Sunday, but it’s a heavy Sunday night meal at most pubs in my experience. I often make a roast on Sunday nights myself, same kind of tradition.

There are some good recs in this previous thread, near Victoria station, which is quite convenient to the Rubens.
London Sunday Roast options?

Jugged Hare and Harwood Arms on my wishlist thanks to that thread.


Son and DIL were not able to join us in the UK because of the increasingly difficult visa process , and daughters flight from New York was cancelled last minute. Son and DIL will join us at our next stop in Amsterdam, and daughter will join us tommorow.

We met a cousin and had Sunday Roast at the Grenadier today
Good time!

Our “roasts” were Chicken , Beef Wellington, and Pork Belly. I had the pork belly.

Sticky toffee pudding!


Looks fantastic! Your post put me in the mood for roast, and I roasted a pork shoulder for Sunday dinner.

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For Bruxelles, we would have recommended two top of the charts possibilities, but could find information for one. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the second is no longer, so here’s the survivor:

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On line at Dishoom, Covent Garden, 8:45 on a Wednesday night.

Menu looks great. It’s very loud.

Chilli chicken. Husband declares it seriously good.

Wait… what’s this? We ate around it.


Ironically, I got burgers at Bleecker; after a rainy day at Windsor castle just hours before the announcement about the Queen!

@damiano ; we had lunch at The Ivy near Windsor Castle.

Burger was good, fries, not so much.

Lots of strikes and cancelled trains followed, and we arrived in Amsterdam via plane ( from London) and bus ( from Germany).


@Phoenikia ; delicious “Apple things” with hot beverage at a museum.

Then to a “market” today

@Phoenikia ; not pictured are the war fries!

Reservation for ristafel here tomorrow.


We saw one!

Reminded me of the old New York Horn and Hardart automats!



Oh wow you’ve eaten haring! Did you like it? Kibbeling is good (the fried pieces of fish in batter).

Too bad you’ve left London already, or you could have seen some of the events surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s death. I’ve just seen a pic with hundreds of people surrounding the Bank of England.

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Dinner at Roebuck at the end of a “Proper Pub Crawl”
Scotch Egg, codfish fritters, fish and chips, heritage pork chop.


I sort of agree, but we saw a bit direct from Windsor Castle where we were that day, and afterwards in various neighborhoods ( including the 96 cannon salutes at our hotel accross from the Buckingham palace!)

We worried we wouldn’t be able to leave London during the 10 day period of mourning. The train strikes didn’t help.

“Oh wow you’ve eaten haring! Did you like it?”

It was okay, and “very fresh”, but a little bland. I prefer the pickled version I grew up with.

“Kibbeling is good (the fried pieces of fish in batter).”
We really enjoyed that, and the fries from the place across the street.


Fries oorlog were a pleasant surprise when I first tried them. I was coming down from MMs, and they were fantastic. Whoda tunk the combo of peanut sauce, mayo & raw onion would be so perfect?

Another friend of mine is currently in Amsterdam. Living vicariously through your and her pics ATM.


I have a soft spot for the rhum shakes there (get at counter) and the croquettes. Late night fuel !


Wha? You or hubby found a rubber band in your food?

Otherwise, I’m enjoying your travelogue. Thanks!


Looks fantastic!! Hope you liked the war fries!

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Peruvian for lunch today


Chicken Soup

Fish sandwich

I might come back for the dinner menu.

There was a cookbook by the window.

Then a canal cruise on The Pulitzer’s The Tourist"


I agree. Most Britons would regard a Sunday roast as a lunch thing. That said, language can be an issue - many Brits will call the meal in the middle of the day as “dinner” and the evening meal as “tea”.

I’m not “most Britons” in this case. Our big meal of the week, including roasts, is on Saturday night.

By the by, we were away from home last weekend Went to a restaurant that does Sunday roasts for both lunch and dinner. As indeed, does our local dining pub.