London, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris in September

Thank you! Lots to look at!

Have a good time! One beer to look out for is Cantillon. I learned about this brand from @Presunto.


I have been as well, but I finally went last week. Mostly everyone was good about masking - except the guy next to me who announced to his companions “I’m good” when the theater made the announcement that masks were required and could everyone put them on if they had not already.

So a few minutes later I coughed… and he immediately put his mask on. Any time he decided he didn’t need it on any more - I coughed again. Back it went on.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@ninkat Here are some of the London Indian restaurants we were talking about.

Thanks @Saregama! I could eat Indian every day in London, but assuming I can only do one meal (or at least one where I am taking my hosts), would you choose Farzi Cafe or one of the Gunpowder locations (and which of the later)? I might be able to sneak the other in for a lunch while the hosts are working!

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So, I fully understand that I haven’t been to London in a lot of years but, just for my curiosity, is Tayyab (Whitechapel area) still a thing? We had some great meals there long ago & I see its still open (& byob).

I’d take a look at the menus and choose what sounds most delicious to you - hard to go wrong, really.

I haven’t eaten at Gunpowder but I have their cookbook. The Chutney Mary group places are probably a bit tired relative to newer places but the food used to be excellent. (And as I said the other day, my sib eats at Dishoom as many times as he can on business trips, though it isn’t fancy by London standards.)

Trishna may be an interesting choice - the preps are very indian but it’s retooled to be a Michelin place rather than a get-your-hands-dirty indian seafood place.

For your personal meals, there’s regional variety in London you don’t find in the same way in NYC (the Bay Area has more if it nowadays). Gujarati, Maharashtrian, and so on.

Too bad Asma Khan’s place is shut down at the moment.

Haven’t been there

Thanks for all! I love Dishoom and will almost certainly get to one of them or so. Will take a serious look at the rest!

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Watching "In Bruges "!


Jordan Prentice, who plays Jimmy in In Bruges, is my age, and from my city. He went to the same school as most of my family friends.


Wow! Quite a movie. Well, I keep rewinding so I’m not even 1/2 way through.


@ninkat I was chatting today with friends who have eaten in London more recently and they were very positive about Trishna, but also said it’s pretty hard to go wrong at that level for Indian in London no matter where you end up!

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