[London] The Wolseley

I was visiting London for the first time, and a Sunday roast was on my list of things to try. Unfortunately, I found out at around 6pm on Sunday that Sunday dinner is actually kind of a lunch-time thing. The place I was planning to go to, Blacklock in Soho, was already closed. I tried the Wolseley in Mayfair, and luckily they had some Sunday roast beef left. It’s in a nice space with lots of old looking dark wood paneling.

The roast beef (£25.00) came with green beans, carrot slices, Yorkshire pudding, a bowl of horseradish cream sauce, and some fried potatoes that I think were fried in duck fat. The beef was a ribeye, sliced somewhat thinly. Cooked a little more done than I usually get beef - it was on the medium side of medium rare - but still very good. Tender and beefy. Not a huge portion of beef (not American sized?) but filling enough for me. The horseradish cream sauce that accompanied it could have had a little more kick, it was pretty mild. The beef and vegetables rested on top of a pool of gravy, which was slightly thicker than beef jus and quite flavorful. I could taste some thyme in there. Yorkshire pudding was very good, large and puffy. Vegetables were also cooked well, as were the fried potatoes, which were of the yellow and slightly waxy variety.


Roast Beef, Carrots, Green Beans, Yorkshire Pudding


Horseradish Sauce


Those would be roast potatoes, not fried :slight_smile:

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Whoops! Yes roasted potatoes, dunno where I got fried from. A little crispy from the fat or drippings they were roasted in I guess.

so not the best roast then? that’s a shame. next time get some recommendations here. simpsons in the strand is a very safe bet but it’s under renovation - maybe opening again soon. my experience is that a really good roast is somewhat hard to find.

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I actually thought it was pretty good - it was my first English Sunday roast though so I don’t have much to compare it to outside of a prime rib dinner in the US. Thanks for the heads up on Simpsons on the Strand - I looked them up and the way they have metal trolleys and carve the meat table-side is quite similar to a place nearer where I live (House of Prime Rib in San Francisco).

Simpsons in the Strand is back in business now, with an updated menu.

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Maybe I’ll finally get there!

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