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(Gwenn) #715

As a very young child, when I was watching Shari Lewis, my folks took me to a show with Danny Kaye on Broadway. Shari Lewis was in the audience sitting across from us and dad took me over to meet her. It was so great!

(DeMarko) #716

I’m happy the Lambchop moniker is bringing back memories for quite a few. He was a great puppet for a few decades.

Happy Hour Morganville [NJ]
Ocean Avenue Kitchen, Sea Bright
(jeff) #717
  1. Tallinn
  2. The cuisine of Baltic States
  3. I cook more than my grandmother and sometimes even give her cooking tips (if that’s not a food-related achievement, I don’t know what is…)
  4. I love food, music and sports (basically everything)


Welcome Jeff! I am a relative new comer here myself just joining last month. It has been great since.

(Gwenn) #719

Welcome, Jeff! Hope you enjoy HO!!! Thanks for the link to the food blog. Do you contribute to it?

(jeff) #720

Thanks! Yep, I’m working on it. :slight_smile:

( :@)) :@)) ) #721

Can you tell us more about typical/traditional Estonian dishes? And Baltic cuisine in general. You could post photos or desbribe it on the dinner or lunch thread.

I have been to Tallinn (mostly for the craft beers). Unfortunately I went in the summer… insanely crowded.


Welcome to HO! All are exposed to a vast array of information and experiences of all who participate.
Myself, an native life long New Yorker, but love traveling our country and the world. Food is my somehow becomes front and center during all of my travels!