Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

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@sck thats a pretty broad question. We look at all produce both import and direct, meat and seafood items as well.

We follow the USDA guidelines for quality and condition.


Who employs you? I’m confused.
Although it sounds like a dream job.

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Why confused?

I do QC for Walmart on all fresh foods.


I didn’t know whether you worked for a distributor or a retailer.
Thanks. Sounds like fun.

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Hi All,

I’ve made a few posts lately, but apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I live in the PNW, very close to the Puget sound & it’s a relative food paradise up here! We’re having a snowmageddon now for the past week, so no shopping & just cooking few things for myself since partner on a 2 week skiing trip. 2 inches of snow is enough to paralyze the entire region, but folks have between 8-13 inches with more in forecast. A rarity to be sure.

Anyway I’ve been cooking and baking for decades & hope to contribute in a positive way as well as learn. Please correct me gently if I happen to inadvertently take a misstep or two…


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Welcome Lambchop! Nice to have you joining us! Seems you know your way around the place so please keep contributing and enjoy! Stay warm and safe during the storm!!


Welcome, Lambchop! One of my favorite meats, and also one of my favorite puppets. :wink:


Stay warm and dry during your snowmageddon in the PNW!

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Hey, I used to watch that. Also like the same meat.

Welcome, Lambchop. Keep calm and bake something nice whilst waiting for snowmageddon to pass.


Welcome Lambchop! I just joined myself in the last few days and am also in the PNW. Let’s get the PNW board going!!!


You have one of the all time great names, right up there with Dirk Diggler, Brock Landers, and Chest Rockwell, plus who can forget Amber Waves.

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Sorry for delayed response, lost power/internet here. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I’m looking forward to contributing & finding a community of like minded food people!

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Thanks Linda! Lamb is my favorite meat, particularly the rib chops or on the rack. Luckily partner loves it as well. Not surprising due to the 100% Greek heritage.

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Welcome to HO! Glad to have you here!

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Oh yeah I loved Shari Lewis & her puppet Lambchop! I even saw her at my school, maybe 3rd grade or so. Shari died much too young unfortunately.

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Will do as its a perfect day for that. BTW I love your posts with the beautiful photos! Thanks for the welcome as well.

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Thanks Jackie and a big YES to a PNW board. We are under represented here.

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Thanks sck!

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That picture reminds me that as a child, my nickname was Lambchop for a bit. And I wondered “what’s a Lambchop?”, and that picture is what I remember finding. Way before internet, so not sure how!


I remember the show much more than any lamb on our home menu.
That’s a meat I never tasted till I was all grown up. Now I love it.