Kosher Salt…?

I have long been a fan of Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt… but something has happened to them lately. First, my Safeway no longer carries it. Second, the prices online have become crazy!

So my question is… do any of you use Morton Kosher? And more importantly, have any of you compared it to Diamond Crystal? I know I’ll have to mod my recipes as the volume to weight is a bit different… but is there any other reason to keep buying Diamond Crystal?

Diamond Crystal has decided to position itself in the gourmet category, hence the price hike.
In addition to cooking, I used it in my dishwasher.
I’ve switched to Morton’s for both, but the cooking aspect takes a little getting used to, I no longer go by feel . I’m sure I’ll get used to it and for cooking purposes, weighing will be helpful.

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I keep both on hand but usually use Morton’s as it’s more commonly available around here (founded and headquartered in Chicago). It is a bit denser than Diamond so a lesser volume for an equal weight. I probably prefer Diamond to use as a finishing salt over Morton’s as it’s lighter, flakier and dissolves a bit more quickly.

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I’ve switched to using it in my pasta water and I’m making sure it dissolves, does seem to take a bit longer than DC. I’ll not be without DC, but won’t be using it as frequently.

I’ve been using Morton’s Kosher for decades.
(Diamond flakes, not readily available in my shopping areas , , , )

by weight, salt is salt.
in real life cooking - “pinch&dash” probably do differ between mucho flaked (Diamond) and Morton “Kosher”

personally I’m adept at judging “salt” by the Morton Kosher stuff.
others are adept at judging “salt” by the Diamond Crystal flake product.
there may be people are adept at “salting” by either/both physical characteristics.
but just not me.


Yup…that’s where I’m at! In addition, I use a lot of French salts where I’ve reached the “ pinch / dash “ point, but I don’t trust that with Morton’s just yet.

Yeah that’s an issue… with years of experience with DC and how big a pinch and how many - not sure I want to retrain that skill (I very rarely weigh/measure salt).

BTW… I just noticed Morton’s includes an anti-caking agent. Is that a concern?

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Hmmm, my dishwasher doesn’t mind but I do. It is probably on the GRAS list but who needs it!
I’ll be using Baleine instead.

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Just in case you haven’t seen this discussion!



Yeah… the new pricing is a bit crazy, but when you’re the best I suppose you can get away with it. I don’t mind paying a higher price… but since it’s no longer available locally I now have to pay for shipping as well (for salt).

F’ me!

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Sorry to hear that. I was hoping you just weren’t noticing the new packaging. That’s what stumped me last year.

I’ve always been a user of Morton’s, but in the last couple of years suffered through their change in density - I suppose in reaction to the popularity of DC. So, all those years of a-dash-of-this and a-pinch-of that went out the window, regardless. Now my revised pinches and dashes run big in volume, but the same in weight. I’ve looked into making my own salt - very tedious!


That is strange; because Morton kosher salt is the one I haven’t seen in quite a while!

What do yoy suppose Cargill thinks “Kosher” means?


You won’t catch me trying to figure out what people think, at least not for free! :wink:

The comment about Cargill was made by @maccrogenoff regarding something NYT article linked in the 2023 thread I dug up.

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Morton’s is my go-to cooking salt. I have lots of fancy finishing salts but the big blue box is alive and well here. We purchase at Costco


My local grocery stores never stocked DC so I’ve always made due w Morton’s and my baking and cooking are just fine. Trader Joe’s now carries DC but I’m not paying that sort of crazy markup for cooking salt.

For finishing, I have Maldon’s and I bought a bag of compressed pretzel salt for when I do soft pretzels.

I prefer Morton’s Coarse Kosher, but not all of my local markets carry it. I needed salt and was at my local Market Basket, and ended up not realizing that I purchased Diamond Crystal FINE Kosher salt. Grrrr…

So for now, I’ve been mixing them together (once I bought some Morton’s Coarse Kosher).


Morton’s anticaking agent is sodium ferrocyanide, which is in a lot of salts. Both the US and EU has deemed this “safe” in the quantities consumed, but if you have kidney issues you may want to think twice and do your own research.

I found a 3 pound box of DC on Amazon for $12+ with free shipping (no Prime needed), and the local Raley’s down the hill has it for $11.99. Yes… that makes it twice the price of Morton’s, but considering how long a 3 pound box lasts and the fact it is pure and I luv using it, I am gonna stick with DC.

I’m not happy about the recent markup, obviously, but I’ll keep buying and using it for preference and because, as you say, a box lasts a long time. I’m not yet quite needing to replace my current box, which has the old packaging, if that says anything.

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