KOREAN - Cuisine of the Quarter, Winter 2019 (Jan-Mar)

Hey HOs! We’re cooking with spice this quarter - KOREAN was our winner! I enjoy Korean food but have never really cooked it much at home - I don’t have a single Korean cookbook on my shelves, actually. I do have an H-Mart nearby, though, so that should at least get me started! I look forward to learning more from you!


Has anyone cooked from this book before? I recall I got a ecopy a few months ago but haven’t started cooking from it. Does it have good recipes?

I’ll pull together a meal (or two) of Duk Mandoo Guk this quarter.

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It was one of two Korean cookbooks that were COTM on CH last year. Istr the responses being favorable.

Here is the master thread:

Ooooi. Only 15 responses for COTM? How the mighty have fallen.

It really is crazy, no?

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LOL - actually there were lots of responses! That link provides the chapter links with the actual reporting. I think it was pretty active. The WFD, COTM & DOTM seem to be the main areas of active participation over there these days.

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Here too! :laughing: WFD and Home Fermentation has already quite a lot of Korean cooking!


One recipe I particularly want to make is Haemul Pajeon, seafood pancakes.


That looks amazingly good!

For inspiration:

Looking at the pics made me want to go back instantly. :yum:


Cool thread. I love Korean food. I’ve been trying some Korean “inspired” dishes. It has been fun and a new thing for me. My dishes mainly consist of protein grilled with wood. I like hickory with the some heavier handed spice. I’m trying to get my marinade down but so far it has been enjoyable. Gochujang, ginger, soy sauce, sesame seed oil is my base and I’ve been experimenting. For some reason I like to put these on skewers. Something about meat on a stick makes it better. It’s probably a mental thing lol


Korean cuisine is one of my favorites. I love the garlicky, spring onion, sweet, fermented, sesame oil, red chile flavor profile. I adore banchan! I go through periods of making Korean spicy soups/stews at home because they are pretty easy to make well. I’ve also made tak bokki, a huge fave, a couple of times.

For the most part, I eat Korean food at restaurants. I usually go for table top grill, giant shared soups, KFC, or if I’m dining alone and getting something to go, bibimpab. I’m interested in trying more stuff at home, though.


It’s good - I cooked from it during the CH korean month last year. Very flavorful results. But avoid the “guest recipes.”

Definitely an active month. You have to go to the sub-pages as @meatn3 indicated.

Maangchi.com is a very helpful resource - she has free ebooks you can download, plus a ton of recipes and videos on her website and on YouTube.


What’s a guest recipe? The ones from other people than the author?

Recipes by their friends who are not korean but use korean ingredients. For eg, there’s one for bulgogi meatballs by one of the owners of ny’s Meatball Shop that’s a must-avoid.


I wish I had more time to participate but I did want to mention a cookbook that I have called “Quick and Easy Korean Cooking” by Cecilia Lee. The recipes are simple and authentic-tasting, and ingredient lists are not crazy-long or exotic. I’ve used it numerous times and my um-mah (mom) was impressed.


Remembered this addictive fried rice recipe from Koreatown courtesy the fried rice thread.

Several other recipes are also online if you look by Deuki’s name and the recipe name (which can be found on Eat Your Books - but EYB doesn’t provide all the available online recipe links).

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