Bekseju Village - Korean [Paris 13th district]

We have heard many good things about this small Korean restaurant in the 13th district, so we decided to give it a try with 2 other friends. The meal started off with a little game to pronoun this sentence to get a -10%. The friends were all too shy, and I tried it (not perfect at all) but it passed! Yay.

We decided to share our food. Actually the restaurant even encourages this, they have a symbol on their menu stating certain meal you can share. We start with a seaweed apertizer and then everything arrive together at the same time.

Ganjang dak tuigim, fried chicken with soya sauce, served on lettuce salad

Haemul Pajeon, seafood pancakes

Jokbal, pork feet.

Haemoultang, seafood soup. We have a debate of which was the most spicy dish of the night. Strangely, we all felt the soup is the most spicy meal, but the server told us, it was the pork feet.

Dak Jim, braised chicken with bean noodles

Chamisul Soju, an Korean alcohol 19%

Jujube jelly tea, with orange jam

We were 4, each pay 26 euros (with a 10% off, remember the game?!) We enjoy our night, and were quite happy with our meal. I don’t know very well Korean food, but with the spiciness, I can tell they are quite authentic food.

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The seafood pancake looks quite different than ones I’ve eaten here in England… much less batter. I do love that dish.

I do a search with “해물파전 만” and most of the seafood pancakes shown in Google images look similar to the one from Bekseju Village. The restaurant has other pancakes, like spring onion or with zucchini.

That pancake was one of our favourite for the night.

I’ll try to get there next time I’m in Paris. It’s not too far from where we usually stay.

I am curious which sentence they asked you to say out loud?

How did they season the pork feet?

Last week’s Le Figaro names a few new Asian places open recently including this new Korea place - Jium in the 15th district. I read they got good review in L’Express, maybe I will try it out soon. The style is home cooking, the recommended dishes include Onnmyeun and Bibimbap. No dessert as the native said it’s not too much the tradition to end a meal with sweets.

Lunch around 13 euros
Dinner 25-30 euros

Sorry, missed your message

Sautéed with chilli pepper and a sweet and salty sauce, quite good, but you need to like hot dishes in the restaurant.

“(2명)자리 있어요? - doomyung jari itseoyo?” - Do you have table for 2 persons?

Try to hear the sentence in google translate, and say it!
IMPOSSIBLE MISSION. I got the discount, but didn’t know if I said the thing half correctly!

After looking at the very delicious photos of @Presunto. We decided to dine at Bekseju Village. Our last meal a year ago was fantastic. Knowing that it was still a hot place, I reserved the dinner earlier online via their website, just to be sure. We arrived around 20:30, they were pretty full for a Thursday night, only 3 tables were empty.

Bekseju Village is based on the model of a sul jip, gastro bar that offers a nice selection of alcohol and wine with dishes that are often quite spicy.

Apertizer was kimchi.

Bekse Mooneo Chohoae 백세 문어 초회 - octopus salad with a wasabi and slightly sweet vinegar

Haemul Kimchi Jeon 해물김치전 - seafood and kimchi pancake

Unlike the seafood pancake we had (see first post), the texture was not crispy, the seafood were chopped in smaller size.

Dipping sauce

Bekse Bossam 백세보쌈 - Bekse pork belly, accompanied with kimchi, chilis and garlic

2 types of cabbage, the slightly darker one with vinegar and the second one was fresh cabbage.

Salty fermented black bean paste (?) to accompany the pork

Lemon Makgeolli 유자 막걸리 - lemon rice wine, 6% in alcohol, a sweet drink with citrus peel and pieces, I believe it was a cocktail. I read online that only farmers and rappers drink this in Korea!

Each dish has a good proportion of vegetables and meat/seafood. My favourite of the night was the octopus salad, very refreshing and a good starter. There were still many dishes I haven’t try yet. With 2 bowls of rice, 3 dishes, and 1 pitcher of Makgeolli, the meal for 2 person was 72€.

They have also a menu for evening - 28€ including an entry, a main dish and a dessert.

Will return again despite the price a bit steep à la carte.

Bekseju Village
53 bd Saint Marcel
75013 Paris
T +33 (0)1 77 11 24 37
M° Gobelins (Line 7, Exit 1)
M° Campo Formio (Line 5)

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