Koreatown Cookbook Review

Hi Everyone,

So my husband isn’t good at figuring what I want gift wise.

I do drop subtle hints the problem is that he has that “selective male hearing” issue.
The Doctor says that he’s not a candidate for hearing aids.

So I’m turning to my HO family for help.

What does everyone think of this book?

Has anyone cooked from it and possibly have any recipe recommendations, tips and tricks?

I want to know if this book is shelf worthy.


I haven’t cooked from it myself, but it was a COTM on Chowhound a few years ago, and I think at least a few folks who cooked from it then are here on HO, so with luck they’ll see your post and chime in.


Thanks @CaitlinM,
Well if any do decide to chime in then please feel free to post any notes on recipes that you may have if you wish to do so.

You might also look through the nearly 100 recipe notes on EYB, just to see what some varied cooking experiences have been. I always find them useful.


From KOREAN - Cuisine of the Quarter, Winter 2019 (Jan-Mar)

I made this:


I have this book and have enjoyed most of the things I’ve made from it. A surprise hit was something like Madame Vong’s shrimp, which uses mayonnaise in a stir fry. Delicious, and you wouldn’t know the mayo was there.

I will also give a hand’s up to Made in India, which I saw you were asking about. I love that book. The seeming simplicity of the recipes belies some great dishes. Highly recommend it.

Good luck, and happy birthday (I’m guessing - happy whatever the gift giving reason is).


I own the Kindle ebook; it was probably less than $3 when I bought it.
“Doenjang and Kimchi-Braised Kale” from the “Guest Recipes” chapter is one of the most-repeated recipes in my house over the last three or so years. I only have a few other recipes bookmarked and I believe I only made two others, but that one alone was worth the (low) purchase price.

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The Korean sloppy Joes are also fun.

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Thank you, actually this time my husband wanted to reward me for my Black Belt shopping abilities.
I filled our freezer with meat, poultry and fish all at Price Floor Pricing.
I thought to make his life easier because he does work very hard that I would create a list that he could keep handy for all special occassions.

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