ISO ideas for turkey wings and legs

As usual, a “deal” at my local Lucky’s market. I usually hoard them in November for making stock, but would rather cook them now.

My initial thought was to smoke the legs,

…and that’s what I’ll probably do, but wondered if you good people might have other ideas.

I’m thinking of cutting up the wings and making something like hot wings.

BTW, husband is not a fan, so keep this on the down low.

Braise legs, remove meat and use for turkey salad. Reduce the broth to a demiglace, freeze and save for making gravy or soup.

Do you like stuffing? If you prepare the stuffing you’d use inside a bird, you can put it in a shallow pan/dish, lay a rack on top, S/P the wings and put them on the rack. Roast till the skin is getting brown, then remove the pan of stuffing, which will have been basted by the drippings. Put the rack over a different pan, baste the wings with BBQ sauce, continue roastig them till done.


I LOVE stuffing!

He said in a rising falsetto voice: “Are those price stickers for real?”

Yes. :grimacing:

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So I’ve pulled the smoked turkey meat, ate a bit (tasty!), and I’m freezing some to Turn Smoked Turkey Legs into Hearty Main Dish Recipes.

I think I like thighs better so I’m linking this old thread.

Now on to the wings. Planning “hot wings”, and want to bookmark what’s involved in lollipoping . It’s also crossed ny mind to stuff the flats.

That was chicken , not turkey. Turkey tendons are serious!

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I am eagerly waiting for your follow up post on wings too. I have a bunch in my freezer, and I have next week off. I was just thinking about how to handle them. Not in the mood for buffalo style, to be honest, but I do like spicy.

Lol, I have to say that those prices don’t look that crazy to me too. When not on sale, plain ol’ chicken wings often go for $2/lb, sometimes a bit higher. So $3+ for turkey wings that are much meatier is probably par for the course here too. The only time I ever seem really on sale is the post-Thanksgiving rush when local markets are just butchering up the unsold turkeys and selling them as parts.


I cant find the picture with the blue cheese sause, but it was purdy!

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Did you fry these, or bake?

Salt and pepper overnight, then blotted and rubbed with peanut oil, then roasted at about 425 for most of an hour. I was still flipping through recipes, and added a bit of water to the pan, and reduced the heat to 385 at times.

I guess I posted it here: What's For Dinner #58 - the Uncertain Certain Summertime Edition -June 2020 - #618 by shrinkrap

Sous vide (confit?) drumsticks!

Mostly used this process at 150 f

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How did it turn out? Did you brine it first (dry/wet?)?

As an aside, I took apart two extra turkey legs I’d brined and smoked for the meat to make a smokey turkey soup, and determined them bastards have 15 tendons in them. FIFTEEN!

Or maybe it’s 16. I found at least one extra tendon I’d missed, still in the soup.

LoL. Butterball needs to GMO some turkeys with fewer tendons.

Just kidding.

Sort of.


Dry brined first, 17 hours to go, and yes, turkey leg tendons are a b****!

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I usually love extra turkey wings, but haven’t seen any at my supermarket this year. I only found turkey necks (where did the rest of the birds go??) and they were $3.99 a pound. Yikes!

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I had the same problem, regarding price, here. All turkey parts except breast (neck, legs, thighs, wings) were priced identically at $3.99/lb. Not sure why. To my thinking, thighs would be most expensive and necks least.


The turkey breasts are sliced and sold as scallopine or stir fry, and the thighs are ground up for meatballs and sausage at the stores around here. It’s hard for me to find thighs, which I prefer to drumsticks or breast meat.
They’re able to charge a premium for breast only, so the $3.99 for everything else is probably just simpler.

A few days after Thanksgiving I got a 14 pound whole turkey for 0.45cents/ pound. The store had no parts.

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