ISO a good recipe for vegan breakfast bars/cookies that non-vegans might try.

The struggle is real!

For a few years I have posted about trying to find a recipes that will work for a group I belong to.

…with one vegan member.

She continues to say there is nothing for her to eat, in spite of what I have tried, but I actually enjoy this annual adventure.

I made a granola a few years ago that I loved, and was well received, but I don’t know that it was vegan.

More than once the culprit has been honey.

This year I’m wanting to experiment with vegan breakfast cookies and bars. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Am I searching wrong? Why can’t I find a vegan baking thread?

I found these.

Those look perfect, but wth are “flax eggs”? I guess that is what I will learn about this year!

I “know” better than to try something for the first time with a group, but I have a few weeks, so it will be the second time.

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Could you substitute golden syrup or maple syrup for honey in some granola bar/breakfast bar recipes calling for honey?


I lean toward vegan recipes a lot because of my dairy issues.

This blog is so good I bought her book


Nice ideas!

Thank you! That’s a lot of nuts!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve made these, but Deb gives the option of using maple syrup or even corn syrup instead of honey. Just swap vegan butter for butter.

This one uses coconut or olive oil:

I love these date breakfast squares:

She gives the option of oil or butter for the fat, and there are no other animal products.



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I made the “Smitten Kitchen” thick granola bars, but with a 9x9 pan, so I increased the ingredients by 1/2 using weight. And I used coconut oil instead of butter.

Add ins were pecans, golden raisins, coconut, dried cranberries, pistachios and almonds. I “overbaked” ( burned) , but still enjoyed it.


Curious why you can’t make something not vegan for the group, and have something different for her… or would she be offended?

(FYI most Indian breakfasts are vegan by default (if you think something indian would fly). There are some savory steamed and baked cakes that are delicious, polenta-like dishes, savory crepes / pancakes, and more.)

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She said she enjoys the challenge…and bringing two dishes to an office potluck is kinda extra


I do enjoy the challenge, but this year I just brought coffee from Starbucks and juices. I have been chairing the meeting for the last two years, and that is challenging enough.

Others on this month’s breakfast team made a whole subsection of vegan choices which seemed well received.

Folks who wanted protein went out for an alternative. :person_shrugging:


Nikki’s Healthy Cookies, recipe via Google, are vegan. I am not, so I like to add an egg to make them a bit sturdier, but they hold together well enough without the egg.

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Honestly, I’d recommend any of the recipes on Rainbow Plant Life (I’d link you, but I’m new here, so I’m afraid you have to google it.)

Nisha Vora, the writer of those recipes, is some kind of cooking wizard-- every time I make one of her dishes, I have a table full of omnivores begging me for the recipe. I’ve personally made her pumpkin sheet pancakes, which is not exactly what you asked for, except the first time I made them I didn’t have a sheet pan large enough, baked them twice as long, and ended up with sort of… squishy pumpkin bars?

As for why you can’t find a vegan baking thread, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, you might not be searching buzzwords: a lot of businesses are branding themselves plant-based instead of vegan in the last few years for image reasons. Second, a lot of baked goods are incidentally vegan, especially breads, so a lot of people don’t bother/think to label them. And frankly, even if you did find a vegan baking thread, there are a lot of vegan baked goods that I think are just awful-- oversweet or with a questionable texture because someone decided to lump together their obligatory gluten-free and vegan option.


I meant here on Hungry Onion, but thank you!