Hi cookware passionates!

A warm welcome to all the new CH and HO members!

Can you introduce yourself if you’re new (or old)? What’s your expertise?

I’m the mod of Cooking Discussions, @kaleokahu will soon join us. I can see a few new members @Claus @Kate92 @eugenep etc and existing HO @Chemicalkinetics @drrayeye and many others.

Have fun!


Hello, My name is Eugene and I like to cook. Baking is great too. Seafood is probably what I’m most interested in currently.

I have been reading “Cook Like a Local” and tried the Vietnamese recipes and they are pretty cool. I never knew “pork floss” was such an easy and available ingredient until I looked.


Welcome! Check out the baking board.

The March baking sharing is here.

Of course the cooking board.

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Mig here from Chowhound.

My cookware passions are (1) bakeware, both contemporary and vintage, and (2) vintage cast iron, which I collect and use. Recently, though, I bought a wok to re-invigorate my long-dormant stir-fry technique, so there is a short list of tools I’ll need to acquire to complement this new pan :slight_smile:


Hey!! I was a member of the Chowhound cookware forum. I have no expertise… LOL. I just love cookware and reading other’s comments and opinions on the topic.


@mig @Silvblu1 Glad to have you here! Welcome!!


Lover of things cast iron, stoneware and carbon steel here. I’m also always on the lookout for any esoteric type of cook/bakeware. Currently obsessed with finding a good quality terrine and press.


Hi my name is Claus.

I live in Copenhagen in Denmark in Northern Europe.

I’m mostly into European type of food and also experiment with a bit of Turkish, Moroccan, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Japanese recipes.

I’m going to focus a bit on Mexican recipes the upcoming months, just for the fun of it.

My goal, when I started this food journey, was to be able to make home made food that - to my tastebuds - taste better than what I can get in most of the better NON-Michelin restaurants in Denmark and Europe.

I still try to learn and improve my techniques in the kitchen, and I do think I can still improve on several areas.

My end goal is to be able to make recipes on what I call 1-Michelin star level. I hope to reach that level of home coking within 12-15 years from now.

I’m also into cookware and knives.

I’m the proud owner of 50+ pans & pots from carefully selected brands like Mauviel, Falk, De Buyer, Darto, Matfer, Demeyere, Fissler, Eva Trio, Lagostina, Staub & Le Creuset.

I prefer 2.5 and 2.0 bimetal copper, but also enjoy PLY, non stick, carbon steel and ECI.

I cook on gas and have two electrical ovens and a single induction plate.

I’m also the proud owner of 50+ German and Japanese made kitchen knives.
I sharpen and hone my own knives using carefully selected Namiwa stones and Dickoron honing rods.

I look forward to being part of this forum.


Welcome @Claus

Glad to have another European on board. I live in France, mostly cooking Italian, French, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese, but interested in all type of cuisine, most of the time, limited by the ingredients I can find. My recent interest is baking, pastry, cake making, pasta, dough and dumpling making.

The pan and pots I owned are mainly cast iron (Staub), stainless steel (Mauviel, Zwilling and also Ikea!). My last addition is a super heavy cast iron Aebleskiver pan (Carl Victor).

No copperware or earth ware because I mainly use induction heat. Have a outdoor gas stove to use my wok or deep fry.

Recently gifted a sous vide machine, still at exploration stage.

Husband helps to sharpen knives at home, he takes care of fire cooking, and is a proud own of a Morsø outdoor stove, he is crazy about pizza cooking and dough making.


I’m curious about Eva Trio cooking equipment, What do you think of that? I don’t own any but has a few Eva Solo tools, usually good looking, but I find them hit or miss.

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Eva Trio is old Danish design cookware - unfortunately their cookware line is now made in China.

But I own 6 of their Multi PLY line pots and love the fact that you can get them with 3 different lid options and these lids make the pots stackable in the fridge - so very space saving.

I’ve inherited 4 Eva Trio pots from my mother - so actually own 10 Eva Trio pots total.
If you can live with the fact that they now produce all their pots in China, it’s a great brand.

I try to limit my purchases made in China these days though.
Up until the late 90’s, Eva Trio was made in Denmark.
Now it’s only designed in Denmark unfortunately.

The 3 stackable lid design options make them hard to beat as my preferred boiling and cooking pots though.

If you want even better looking designed pots with great performance, take a look at Itaala Tools series from Finland. I own 3 of these pots too. But the Eva Trio lid design can’t be beaten.

I love the Sarpaneva cast iron pots, so good looking, but don’t want it, because it doesn’t seem practical to open the pot with a wooden bar. For cookware, performance is the first thing I’m looking at, design counts, but a bit lower in priority. The last time I bought a pot based on its look is Riess enamel Aromapots, that thing chipped in the oven on the first use. I wrote to the Austrian company to complain and they sent me a new pot. :smiley:


Hi naf,

I’ve made a separate broader response to Lindawhitt, so I’ll make this focused on cookware.

For my day job, I mentor faculty, and help doctoral students in business with their dissertations–and held design research studies. Seven years ago, I decided to develop an “octopus” home kitchen using induction and convection technology.

As I got further into the hobby, I developed special interests in the concept of cultural fusion between Japanese and Western kitchen knives together with the collaboration of my Japanese friend Dr. H.

We will soon be comparing an established Japanese dual core technology cooking knife with a newer Chinese dual core that we’re still trying to document.

I’ll be posting on that soon.



Very interesting, waiting for your report here.

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I’m another refugee from Chowhound, although I had an existing account here and had also not been as active as of late. I’m a resident of Northern California with a place in the south of France.

My cookware journey came after a kitchen remodel, and spun wildly out of control. I’ve tried just about every construction under the sun, at one point owning over 15 skillets (and having tried many more). I have a pretty large collection but nothing near the size of Alarash’s copper pile or Amy’s Pan Room (remember that one?) One kitchen is gas and another is induction. I’ve cured my cookware addiction frenzy, with an occasional relapse (I’ve been known to scour the local brocante each week for a copper daubiere).


Glad to see you here, Gooster.


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Hello, I’m Meekah from the Chowhound forums. Other places I have other names. At this point I read more than I post, and pandemic fearless cooking for one has its own creative challenges, minus the pleasure of sharing the process with others. Oh, and I have wayyy too much cookware, I’ll admit it.


I’m Ellen.

I cook a LOT of produce.

I’m an avid home baker, both sweet and savory. I made a friend laugh by telling her that I baked a loaf of bread because it was easier than going out in a downpour to buy one.

I make candy.

I make ice cream.

I am a pescatarian. I’m fond of telling people that there are only three ingredients I won’t eat: meat, poultry and trans-fat.

I have a lot of cookware and I’m always glad to let others know what has worked for me.


Hej @Claus ! I did not even think about it until reading your post here, but my new job has me traveling to Herning on occasion, and two of our engineers work out of Copenhagen. I will try to remember to let you know when I am traveling there again. Maybe we could grab a meal and a beer or two?

Likewise, glad to see you, Gooster. And glad to see you too Ray.

I live in Sacramento and was a daily reader and occasional contributor at chowhound cookware. Collecting and cooking in copper, especially the heavy French hand made tin lined variety, has been a longstanding affair.

Trying to use the “best” pan I can afford for various applications has also led to minor roles for bare and enameled cast iron, carbon steel, and some other odds and ends.

Addicted to kitchen gadgets, both mechanical handheld devices and all sorts of kitchen electrics. Am a “they don’t make’em like they used to” personality, which leads to hunting all sorts of nifty out of production classics, like the Fortuna A. Ahner garlic press and Sunbeam radiant control toaster.

Thrifting for kitchen treasures is a guilty pleasure. The trunk of my car currently stores these finds out of fear of cluttering our home. Currently it has a Zojirushi 1 lb bread machine, a red Marcato atlas 150 pasta maker, a 23 quart Presto pressure canner, and other knickknacks.

Lately I’ve been smoking a lot of fish and pork ribs on a pellet grill or kamado.

Weekends are often spent trying new recipes, often comfort foods, from various cuisines.

Have a tendency to write long posts with too much information, probably indicative of some underlying insecurity and/or need for attention.

Thank you, dear friends, for accepting and welcoming me.