[Halifax, Nova Scotia] [Cape Breton] [Lunenberg] [Nova Scotia] [Maritimes] Recommendations

It’s been a decade since my last visit. Which restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries would you recommend?

These are the dishes that I enjoyed on my last visit:
Halifax Donair
Fish & Chips
Butterscotch Pie
Blueberry Pie
The Chowders (The Chowder Trail, and every other chowder)
The Lobster Rolls

I liked That Dutchman’s Gouda.


Does anyone have a recommendation for places serving hot buttered lobster rolls?

Thanks for any tips!

I was there in 2014 but I’m still thinking of two places: 2 Doors Down in Halifax (we liked it so much that we ate there twice in three days) and some place with a deck right on the water in Cape Breton (I can’t remember where) that had a lobster club sandwich that almost made me cry, it was so good. I want to say it was somewhere in the neighborhood of Baddeck, but I can’t be sure. I also had the most disgusting pizza I’ve ever had—“donair” pizza (again, can’t recall where but that’s probably a good thing). The sauce was full of sugar. Literally threw away the rest of an entire pie after eating two pieces.

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Thanks for your recs!!

I also remember having a lobster sandwich on a patio on Cape Breton. I can’t remember if it was a Club, but it was a sandwich rather than a lobster roll. The one I had was at a restaurant close to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.

That’s Halifax donair sauce that was on the pizza , which contains sugar and evaporated milk. I like it, but it’s probably an acquired taste.
There are only a couple places in Toronto that serve Halifax-style donair with the sweet sauce. I used to be able to order it at a food court in the 80s in Ontario.

(I also like Turkish-style and Berlin-style donair. I like all donair/doner)


Nova Scotian baked goods


Pictou County Pizza

Recommended by cyber friends


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