Fuchsia Dunlop's "The Food of Sichuan"

The updated version of Fuchsia Dunlop’s Land of Plenty is remarkable, and well worth getting for owners of the original edition. Layout is more user friendly, pictures are great, ingredient section reflects wider availability these days, and recipes are updated and include 70 new ones.

Anyone had a chance to compare old versions of recipes to the updates?


I agree, I like the pictures of some of the recipes which I believe is new for this edition. I got the e-book version. Though I haven’t made anything using a new recipe, I was looking at some of the recipes involving wontons (chao shou) and there are several more variations than before as one example. I need to try making more dishes from this book, keep going back to the mapo tofu and the hong you chao shou.

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Why did you have to bring it up, huh?! I promised to stop buying cookery books.

Still have her original “Sichuan Cookery” book, one that sent me packing for Cheng Du and 2 more trips to China after that. I shall wait for reviews and glimpses of the book before making a decision.

Thanks for this, I just checked the Peninsula Library system & they have copies available! Put in a pick up request for the Atherton branch & will pick up there… This is my method to keep from buying cookbooks until I have a chance to play with one before I consider buying. Thanks again!

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A comparison made by @Mr_Happy


Made the “strange flavor” chicken using the recipe from The Food of Sichuan for a lunch last week. First time making it, it came out pretty well. Easy to prepare in advance as well for lunch.

Found a recent video of Fuchsia making strange flavor chicken from Serious Eats:


Thx for the video link! Great that she explained the difference of strange flavour chicken and bang bang chicken. Also good tips of leftover chicken with Sichuan sauce.

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