Freeze-fried eggs

Ooh, I like this idea! Hopefully by the time it’s cool enough to consider the stove, I’ll remember that I bookmarked it. :confused:


Tryin’ it!

Thanks, I’ll try it as well.

Twice I read this as freeze DRIED eggs! But I love the idea! I’ll have to give it a whirl!


Two eggs now in ziploc in freezer. Will report back in 48 hours.


The texture of the yolks sounds like a lot like yolks cooked sous vide confit style. I make them all the time. Yolks in a ziplock bag with enough oil to cover and SV for 45mins at 64C.

I eat these yolks with all kinds of things.




Only with less fuss, and using equipment almost everyone already has.


And maybe faster? Maybe not. I haven’t planned it out, and one or the other may work better for me. I think I have done the sous vide confit, but will be happy to try again. I am daydreaming about trying several of each. Living the Kenji López-Alt life!

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I love a nice jelly-like yolk, and I usually do this in the sous vide, but I do miss the crispy whites. This looks like it can offer the best of both worlds…will have to try!


What is the name of the dish in the last picture? Is that yogurt beneath the yolks?

It’s called Çilbir (pronounced something like “chill-beer/burr”). It’s a popular Turkish breakfast dish and there are many recipes online but here is the first link I saw:

Lawson has a vid, if you would rather see how she makes it:

Tell your son to visit a city called Van someday. Van is very well known for the kebab and massive breakfasts, the kind that fits for a king.

Hope I make it there before I croak. Van is unfortunately not that far from Iran and Syria and with all the shit that’s going on in the world right now I don’t think I want to go there any time soon.


Thank you!! Nigella’s version warms the yougurt to room temp, and doesn’t call for dill, which I dont have.

Son and family just drove to Trabazon, and are staying at DIL’s “halas” house on yayla Yurt Yaylasi.
P.S. I will not be suggesting he get anywhere near the Syrian border.

this looks cool. thanks for the tip!

I am making cilber, which my DIL loves by the way, and it occurs to me that you are making it with just the yolks, and not a poached egg. Is there a reason you prefer doing the yolks this way, vs a whole egg poached in the shell? I’m reading it’s not easy to get both the white and the yolks the way I like it.

I should probably start a new thread about cooking eggs ( hint hint mods), but I’m going with sous vide poached eggs for this cilbir, at 167 f for 12 minutes.

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One question I have about this method. My husband loves over easy. It the egg yolks are so high and plump what will happen if I flip then? Gently I suppose? Doesn’t seem like the white will cook because it can’t touch the pan. Maybe cover and steam? I just put two in the freezer too in a ziplock bag. Now I just have to remember to take them out and thaw.:slightly_smiling_face:


Less than 24 hours later in the freezer both eggs have large cracks all the way around with the yolks showing through. I’m not the type to keep going and going until I get something right, so I’ll leave this up to others to experiment with this technique.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine cracked a little also, but I don’t see this as much of a problem. They’re not going to go bad in the freezer, right? Anyway, they’re thawing the fridge now (still in the ziploc).

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