Cooking eggs

Inspired by the freeze fried eggs thread,

then the sous vide yolks,

and the recipe for Turkish eggs.

And finally for sous vide poached eggs



Yum! Now the brown butter with chilli!


My fav poached egg method is to add a T. of water to each tin in a muffin tray. Then crack an egg in each to poach in the oven. Bring to room temp. Store in frig. use all week by warming in a simmering pot while the bacon cooks and the bread toasts. My wife loves this quick fix.

For hard boiled eggs, I heat the water to a rapid boil and then lower the eggs in the pot. Shut off the heat. Let them cook 12 mins. Ice bath. Peel.

Fried eggs, oil and butter in a skillet.

Scrambled, whipped with light cream and a touch of olive oil. Herbs, cheese if Im hungry.

But my fav egg prep is from the Flour menu. Fork 9 eggs and 1/2 light cream with a whisk, pour into a Pam coated 8x8 pan and bake at 300 degrees for 30-35 mins and you have a souffle ish egg you can slice for sandwiches.


Wait! I don’t understand your fave poached egg method! With the muffin tin; what temp oven and for how long? Does it matter the size or the temperature of the egg when you start? Or maybe I’m crazy for thinking about such things.

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Milk Street Turkish eggs. Maybe a pay wall, but wanted to bookmark the garlic in lemon juice part.

ETA Oops! Sorry @Rooster. I think I forgot the link.


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Thanks for trying.

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Still trying.

Great you’ve started a thread on eggs, I was thinking of doing the same!!

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Thank you!

Oops! I actually used a 167 f for 12 minutes version like this one.

Sous Vide Soft-Poached Eggs

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I like the yolks more than the whites, re your question about using only the yolks in Çilbir. Also, I usually make a bunch at the same time for different things, i.e. in savoury porridge, bibimbap, tartare, bread etc.

Used to make SV egg.











Save the whites for fluffy Austrian-style torn pancakes and other things. You can even tenderise white meat using egg whites.



Wow. Amazing ideas.


Wow that all looks amazing. I love the look of that poke like bowl with what looks like salmon roe. I haven’t had ikura for so long.

We always end up with a bag of egg whites in the freezer, often after making ice cream. But now we’ve realised we can make leche merengada with the whites, so even more ice cream. A very refreshing one for the summer.


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I also love poached eggs. I never had any success, until I tried Kenji and Ruhlman’s way.

The thing to understand is that the egg white actually has two parts. The loose white, and the tight white. As an egg ages, there is less tight white and more loose white. For poached eggs, you want to use the freshest eggs you have.

But any eggs will work with this method. Crack the egg into a spoon with holes in it, or into a mesh sieve. The loose white wil drain away. Then you are left with just the tight white and the yolk. I put these “drained” eggs into little cups.

Then I heat up the water to the barest of a simmer. I don’t add vinegar or anything else to the water. I gently pour the eggs into the water. Because you have drained off the loose white, they have a perfect shape, and stay together. I don’t swirl the water either.

This way has revolutionized my making poached eggs!


That sounds good! Can you clarify the amount of light cream?


Sure. Here’s the full method:
Whisk 8-9 eggs (depending on their size) with a 1/2 cup of light cream, a bit of fresh thyme if you have it, s&p to taste.
Pour into a buttered or PAM sprayed 8x8 square pan.
Set egg pan inside a larger pan as a water bath, set water level half way up the egg pan, to create that soufflé like result.
Bake at 300 degrees for 30-35 minutes to set.
Let rest 5 mins. Slice and enjoy.

I use it for sandwiches.
Brioche rolls, lettuce, sliced tomato, a mustard/mayo spread. You can even top a slice with cheese, run it under the broiler and then assemble the sandwich.


Martha’s version is the cheater recipe but with eggs holding the whole thing together I thought it might qualify here. Without the eggs, it’s completely different…and its so egglicious.

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