COTM December 2022 - Voting

Here are our community-nominated choices for December 2022:

ARABESQUE by Claudia Roden earned four nominations.

The following each garnered three nominations:

SABRINA GHAYOUR month. She has six books, the latest of which is Persiana Everyday, and a rather small number of recipes on her website. Many more of her recipes can be found on BBC Food, The Guardian, and other sources if you do a search.


To vote, click on the knife-and-fork icon at the lower right of the comment below corresponding to the book you wish to select. You may vote only once. To change your vote, click the icon again to unlike the comment and then choose your new selection. If you cannot do this, then add a comment noting your change. Please do not reply to the ballot comments. To discuss the books, please reply to the original post.

Voting will close on Sunday, November 27 at 10:00 p.m. PST, United States.

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To vote for ARABESQUE, click on the knife and fork to “like” this reply.


To vote for SABRINA GHAYOUR MONTH, click on the knife and fork to “like” this reply.

To vote for MEXICAN EVERYDAY, click on the knife and fork to “like” this reply.


I have three comments:

  1. I looked through Sabrina Ghayour’s recipes on her website while preparing this thread. The online recipes didn’t seem as appealing to me as what I’ve found in her books, four of which I’ve purchased as ebooks when they were on sale for $2.99 or less. With holiday sales coming up, particularly this weekend in the U.S., keep an eye out for her titles if you don’t mind ebooks. The online recipes found on other websites, like THIS list from the BBC, are quite interesting as well.
  2. I rescinded my vote for Mexican Everyday on the nominations thread because I was actually thinking of More Mexican Everyday, which is very vegetable-focused. I will probably nominate it in the future.
  3. Thank you to all who have edited my posts to be tagged as “cotm.” I have not figured out how to do that – all I see is “category,” which does not include “cotm.”

I think you have to have made some number of posts (or originated some number of threads, perhaps?) before you are able to add tags yourself. You can always flag your post own and add a comment asking a moderator to add the appropriate tag(s).

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That makes sense. Thanks!

I believe only mods can tag, so you have to flag your post and ask for the tag to be added.

I haven’t decided how to vote yet, but I have a few comments:

If you look at the EYB index for Arabesque and filter to see how many vegetarian recipes are in there, it says 5 (and none vegan). This is absolutely incorrect. There are many vegetarian recipes in there, and vegan recipes as well. Not sure why this is wrong on EYB, but I wanted everyone to be aware in case you were hesitant to vote for the book based on the lack of vegetarian options.

Both Mexican Everyday and More Mexican Everyday have been COTM in the past over on Chowhound. I thought I had probably cooked everything from them I wanted to, but a look through both books shows there is a lot I still haven’t made. I think these would be good as a pair for a future COTM.


Arabesque was also a COTM on Chowhound.

A long, long time ago! I wasn’t really making a point about those books being COTM before, but more noting that even though they were, there was still a lot of material yet to cover (for me). Surprisingly, I don’t have Arabesque. When it came out, I recall hearing that it had a lot of overlap with The New Book of Middle Eastern food, which I already had. I don’t know if that’s really true or not, and I wouldn’t be averse to acquiring Arabesque if it wins.

Please remove my vote for Mexican Everyday. I am really surprised that my library hasn’t got it. I won’t get either of the others in time so won’t vote. Thanks!

Hello, pavlova.
You can remove your vote by clicking the knife and fork again, but I also will not count it.

Uh oh – a tie in the final hours! Someone please vote. I will not be breaking the tie, as I do not have access to either book.

@maestra, you can only change your vote by re-clicking the knife and fork within a few hours of when you originally clicked it. Days later, there is no way to do that, so you will have to take her request into account for your tally.

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Got it; thank you. :slight_smile:

We have a winner! Reporting threads will go up soon.

Which cookbook is the winner?

Sorry – just now getting to putting up a reporting thread. I planned to do it early this morning, but our kitten suffered a sudden accident, so between work and the hospital, I’ve just gotten home again.

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Oh no! Poor kitten. Hope it is okay. I’m in no rush—just nosy.

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