COTM December 2022 - Voting

It was Arabesque by two votes (one for Mexican Everyday was not counted). Kitten is in the hospital overnight after surgery on a broken leg. Surgery must have gone fine since they haven’t called us. It was weird to come home to an empty, calm house. We’ve only had him for two months, but of course he’s 100% part of the family.


Sorry for your kitty. Hope a speedy recovery!

I guess you are occupied with the hospital, home and work. As mod for Cooking Discussions board, I’ve create the December COTM this time to help.

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maestra did put a thread, it is here. She just neglected to post the link here. So now we have two. One needs to be deleted, and the archive should point to the one that remains.

I see, sorry I didn’t see this, I was looking in Cooking, cookbooks, ingredients instead of the larger Cooking Discussions board. I will delete mine.

We have five us now who have volunteered to coordinate COTM (me, saregama, caitlin, valadelphia, and maestra), so if the coordinator for the month misses a post, one of us will catch it and fill in. In the future if you have a concern about the COTM posts, it might be best to reach out to one of us first to avoid duplication. Thanks!

OK, I’ve just added the COTM tag in @maestra 's thread. Everything is good now.

Thank you for watching out. My day was super busy, and once I created that thread I needed to be away from the computer again. I don’t think I have the ability to adjust tags, so that’s why you couldn’t find it.

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And now it’s time to start the process for January. Find the new nomination thread here: