Cookbook of the Month December 2022 - Nominations

THE COOK YOU WANT TO BE: EVERYDAY RECIPES TO IMPRESS, by Andy Baraghani. It’s billed as California meets Persia, but looking at some of the recipes it’s like East meets West. Anyway, I’d love an excuse to buy and cook from it.

How about ARABESQUE.

Can you clarify which book? There is an Arabesque by Claudia Roden, one by Greg and Lucy Malouf, and then there is The Arabesque Table by Reem Kassis. I’d be open to any of them, TBH.

THE COOK YOU WANT TO BE looks intriguing. (link to EYB index)

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I had no idea. I meant the Claudia Roden book.

ARABESQUE, by Claudia Roden


Yes they are all complete sentences.

I hope people go look at the recipe indexed by EYB. Creamy nuoc cham, chat masala spike cukes, nori- chip dip, pistachio za-atar, hot green tahini aree just the DRESSINGS. And they look the bomb already. I mean. I think this could be a great book. Seriously.

Right, I looked at just the first chapter and thought, heck yeah, I can totally get into this. Looks like a lot of flavors I love.

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I just put a hold on it at my library. Unfortunately I’m 4th on 1 book, so I most likely won’t get it until late December.

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I just got it as an ebook loan from my library! Haven’t had a chance to look it over yet.

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This seems right up your alley. I tried to copy and paste the index but it wouldn’t allow.

So many strong contenders this month!
I have ETHIOPIA and regretfully have only cooked from it once.
ARABESQUE by Claudia Roden is a beautiful book–also had forever and have barely made a dent.
I’m inspired by KOREAN VEGAN and used it as a jumping off point for a great soup last week.
Rick Bayless was the first chef I learned from–I could definitely revisit MEXICAN EVERYDAY!

JENN SEGAL MONTH I don’t have either of her books but I like her website a lot.

ARABESQUE by C. Roden Have owned this book for years and hardly looked at it. Don’t know if I can find it but if I make myself look I might find the books I promised LLM a couple of years ago and haven’t run across.

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Don’t worry about me … I’m swimming in cookbooks!

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JENN SEGAL MONTH (onceuponachef)

Looks good to me!

24 mores hours to nominate; I won’t be able to count up nominations tonight.
I nominate MEXICAN EVERYDAY (sic) and extending I DREAM OF DINNER



Nominations are now closed, though I edit my response to be MORE MEXICAN EVERYDAY (sic), not Mexican Everyday.
A voting thread will go up shortly.

Voting thread:

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