Cookbooks on your holiday wish list 2018

(Denise) #1

The gift of a cookbook often seems to find its way to me over the holiday season. This year I have my eye on “Ottolenghi Simple” because I want to get my cooking mojo back (family and work stuff have taken a toll the past couple of years).

Does anyone else have a cookbook or two on your wish list? The thrill of a really good cookbook never grows old for me.

(John Hartley) #2

If Father Christmas was to bring me “The Hairy Bikers’ British Classics”, I’d be quite pleased. King & Myers are an irritiating pair of tossers but they do do good food that’s always geared towards the home cook.

I’ve got Yasmin Khan’s “Zaytoun”. I’m still to cook from it although have read it cover to cover - some great stories that put Palestinian food in its geographical & social context. So, if the guy in red also brought her Saffron Tales, I would not be too dischuffed.

(Denise) #3

Hairy Bikers, you say? New to me. Now I’ll have to check out this book.


I bet you have a few British classics, if you recommend people to buy one or 2 books on this subject, which one(s) would you recommend? TIA

(Jimmy ) #5

Inspired by the on-location posts and sumptuous photos posted by Klyeoh here on HUNGRY ONION, I asked for this cookbook for my birthday:

Only days to wait now. :grinning:


Also a recommendation of @Klyeoh, I’m interested in this book on Malaysian food, but won’t be out in Europe until Feb, 2019.


Have a wonderful celebration! :gift::birthday::clinking_glasses:

(Jimmy ) #8

Thank you so much, meatn3!


Lucky you! I have asked for cookbooks as Christmas gift in the past, nobody give a damn, thinking why I didn’t buy it myself instead. Well, I did and it was faster!

(John Hartley) #10

Amongst the TV cooks (King & Myers are not professional chefs), they are the ones I’d recommend for traditional British food, with a modern twist at times, in a home setting. They’ve done “foreign” food on TV a number of times - they are, indeed, bikers (and hairy) and the usual format is that they travel round eating and cooking.

In terms modern British home cooking, I could not manage without my collection of Nigel Slater ones. They are the ones, more than the rest of our books put together, to which I turn for inspiration, when I want to know what to cook for a midweek dinner.

(Denise) #11

Yes, happy soon-to-be birthday! Sounds like a superb gift.


I really enjoyed watching their Food Tour of Britain series. I have a Roku, so I watched it on my television. I’m not sure what devices Tubi supports, but I have the TubiTV app on my iPad, so I could watch it on there, as well.

(John Hartley) #13

Me too. For such a small country, it’s surprising just how diverse our regional food is. I think they visted something like 30 counties, finding specific foods/dishes in each.

(Jimmy ) #14

I just noticed that this is a Parade Pick from the 12 / 02 / 2018 Sunday edition of Parade Magazine.


Read the blog of French food critic François Simon, highly recommended this book. Looks very interesting and on sale now!

(Jimmy ) #16

I got Jet Tila’s cookbook midday yesterday, and spent a bit less than two hours perusing the 101 dishes he includes. He’s not shy about why each recipe is included in the collection–even tho many are adaptations to suit the western palate. Was a bit, but only a bit, disappointed by how few noodle meals were included. But I can live with that, for now.

So next week we plan a shopping trip to the little Asia food mecca in Oakland County to fill our pantry with dry goods and condiments so I can start cookin’.

(Denise) #17

Very excited for you. Some days armchair cooking (reading a book) is more fun for me than actual cooking. Fewer dishes to wash too. :wink:


I bought myself the Noma guide to Fermentation and am really enjoying the education!

(Denise) #19

Sounds wonderful! A couple of years ago, I received The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Eliis Katz and really enjoy that book.


Is it a book for home cooking or just restaurant chefs? I own 2 Noma books, interesting and beautiful photos, but not too practical for everyday cooking.