Ceviche, crudo, sashimi, tartare, tiradito, and aguachile

Of the underrated fish in the Thrillist article, I absolutely agree with kampachi over hamachi. Great texture and a rich, smooth flavor. Young hamachi belly though is a wonderful thing. Love it. Also, if you can get the halibut engawa, it is fantastic. Almost a crisp texture. I would add kinki (channel rockfish), which has a nice richness. If the chef torches the skin a little, it is even better. Kinmedai (golden eye snapper) is in this category for me as well, as is nodoguro (blackthroat seapearch - impossible for me to get on the East coast; I have to wait until I visit San Diego and even then it is rare).

It’s funny - when I first started eating sushi, I absolutely was all about otoro and chutoro, which I still like. But, now I find I really have gravitated toward oilier white fleshed fishes and silver skinned fishes (saba, aji, iwashi, etc.). I will still always leave room for uni and ankimo , though!


Ta dah!

I’m not sure I got the proportions right, but I loved the crunch, it was refreshing and I really enjoyed it.


Great! I’m elated you like it.

I’m used to it being a bit creamier. Like most things like this, a little time-maceration can be your friend.

That looks great - like a more interesting take on poke! I’ll have to make it next time I get good fish :slight_smile:

I don’t know that it’s more interesting, but it’s different because of the coconut milk+salt, as compared sesame oil+soy sauce, or olive oil + citrus, vinegar in crudo.

I still have some, and I will add a bit more coconut milk and lime juice.

Different, then. I had a lot of poke in November, and appreciate the change of pace.

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I see. I haven’t had much poke, so I guess it’s hard for me to compare. If you make it, I’d love to know what you think.

Classic poke is minimalist, and it’s not even chemically “cooked”: fish, kukui nut oil, onion, red salt, and–if you’re living large–some sesame seeds. It should have a thick, even cloying, mouthfeel.

If you’re tempted to find the kukui, go easy. It has surprisingly laxative properties.

There’s a grey/outlaw market.

I think you’d like this one if you liked the coconut milk

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