Breakfasts, Brunch & Breakfast Sandwiches in [Ontario] [Toronto] [GTA] [London, Ontario] [Ottawa]

Nofa’s Coffee, 699 Lansdowne North of Bloor. Simple and good.

Typical moderately full coffee shop reading for CO2.



Benny( $18.50) from Ohiru, a new Japanese brunch Café at 370 College close to Kensington Market.

Quite good. By quite good, I mean, good if you’re living within walking distance. I don’t think I would travel from East York or North York for this brunch, but I’m happy a Japanese brunch option in addition to Fuwa Fuwa (soufflé pancakes), Hanbusa (soufflé pancakes) and Film Café (limited Japanese Omelettes) has opened within walking distance of where I am based. I miss Coo Café Bread or Rice which closed its restaurant 18 months ago and now offers catering. There was also a Japanese Italian brunch spot in the space that is now occupied by Dreyfus, which I liked.

Orisu was very busy on a Sunday at 1 pm. Tiny place, would be impossible to keep ventilated.

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Wow, Manita on Ossington currently charges $19 for a breakfast sandwich. It had been on my wishlist.

I’m still able to find Eggs Benny for $18.50 or less along Dundas West. $17.75 -$18.50 for bennies at Sisters & Co, $16.75 for the breakfast sandwich.

Most recently, I paid $18.50 before tax for an Eggs Benny at Ohiru on College St close to Kensington Market.

The breakfast sandwiches at Emmer on Harbord are around $12.

Breakfast sandwiches at Alma & Gil on Dupont (only open 10 am to 2 pm on weekends) cost $14.04 before tax.

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Alma y Gil’s breakfast sandwich, very delicious.


Noctua’s breakfast sandwich. $12, peameal, bacon, cheese, spinach and an egg on brioche. Made to order.

Do you think breakfast sandwiches should have a dedicated thread?


Turkish breakfast plate from Pera Café in Kensington . $21ish. The egg, suçuk (sausage) and salad were delicious. The simit was a day or 2 old and the cheese burek/ cheese filo pie / tiropita was underbaked. I will go back for coffee but a little disappointed with the simit and cheese pie.

The cube in the red goo is butter in strawberry jam.


A Twitter friend likes Egg Club.

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Tried brunch today at Azhar’s. Was a long awaited visit as enjoyed their takeout items during the early COVID days.
The space is nice though the seats by the wall have so little spacing that it was very intrusive imo.
I ordered the shashuka and it came with a bunch of mezes. I liked their muhamura as have had it a few times before. The shaksuka is a tiny serving and doesn’t even come with bread. No spoon makes it hard to eat and maybe it’s just me knives and bowls don’t mix :slight_smile: I would middling level for a small serving.


Enjoyed the Brunch Doubles at Patois.

I will be back to try more brunch dishes.


I finally made it to 1 kitchen on wellington
For such a hyped spot the place was going to be packed inevitably.
I had booked in advance so despite the overwhelming crowd got the spot quickly.
The service is all over the place non existing to pleasant when paying the bill.
I had the Norwegian eggs Benedict. Other person had the potato waffles plus the chicken add on.
We both tried the honey ice cream, sugar pie with rhubarb
I wanted to try the chicken so had a piece. Oh this was so greasy that I couldn’t get past the first bite.
Eggs Benedict are decent but the house potatoes were all over smaller one being ok while larger pieces being undercooked
Dessert were possibly the best item we ordered.
Also it was so noisy that got noise fatigue an hour+ of sitting there.
I can’t possibly rate it better than 2.5 stars out of 5. One can go the trusty old mamakas that’s not that far and similar price point.


It’s so sad when a midrange to upscale restaurant’s kitchen can’t fry foods properly at the right temp.

Thanks for taking one for the team.

I don’t think that Bar Koukla’s kitchen is as skilled as it should be for the price point. 2 dishes and an iced coffee with tax and tip was close to $50.

Union has been my favourite brunch on Ossington the last 3 years.

Is Mamakas’ kitchen skilled? I only went once in 2015, for dinner. It was fine, but as a half Greek, it felt like the owner/ restaurant was creating a Greek restaurant for non-Greeks. Some non-Greek family friends love it.

The former pastry chef was not Greek, which is fine. She didn’t seem to have much knowledge re: Greek desserts, and was inventing desserts that already exist in Greek culinaria. LOL. Her desserts tasted fine, but I don’t think she realized Greeks have all sorts of custards and custard-based desserts, without a Torontonian trying to create a new one.

I will return to Mamakas sooner than later.


Breakfast at the Fed with @rstuart . Very good. Eggs Federal were the TO standard going rate of $18 for poached eggs on English muffins topped with sauce, in this case a mushroom cream instead of Hollandaise. I had them hold the salad.

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Had brunch at Dova, on the patio. At 1:15 it was not very busy, with one table inside and only 4 on the patio. Hope they can do better business because the food was great.

Brunch cocktails were lots of fun:

  • Caffe Martini (right): vodka, Frangelico, espresso, chocolate bitters, egg white and cocoa on top - dessert with a hefty kick.
  • Limoncello Spritz (left): limoncello, Aperol, prosecco, torched lemon peel, thyme - refreshing and deceptively light-seeming (also packed a kick).

Complimentary toasted bread with whipped butter and strawberry - a lovely start.

Uovo and Lenticchie: braised Sicilian lentils, two fried organic eggs, on a bed of parsley, cilantro, mint and arugula - nutty lentils, complemented with the herbal and bitter greens, and then runny eggs to go all over.

Lemon Tiramisu French Toast: sourdough bread, dollops of lemon mascarpone, chocolate, candied lemon, pistachio, maple syrup - basically a yummy dessert for brunch.


I will definitely make the trek back to Dova to try the brunch.

My friend is organizing a brunch for 12 members of his family on the patio later this month.

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Bulgogi Benny from Sisters, $20 before tax. Quality has slipped a little. Not much care was taken today. A big piece egg shell, blah potatoes, blah salad, blah English muffin.

I will revisit in a few months.

I like Ohiru’s Japanese - inspired pork Benny more, same price point, more care in the kitchen, and their frites taste better than these home fries.

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I think the Fed on Dundas W and Union (on Ossington) are my current favourite spots for brunch mains involving eggs. Will revisit Easy for huevos divorciados soon.