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How was the service? I haven’t been since 2019. I wish they would serve brunch on the tiny D Bar patio on Bay.

Service was functional as they were quite busy. A lot better than the snobby service I have had for dinner and pushed me not to return for a while despite their amazing dessert offerings. D bar I think you mean D Azur? As that’s outdoor space called.
They do have service from 11am. I live close by so have seen people eating and drinking there earlier. I have only gone for drinks and a snack there (dessert) there so can’t comment on the food.

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I’m old. It was called D Bar when it first opened, if I remember correctly. Yes, that’s the space I’m talking about. They had snacks last summer but were not offering the brunch menu. I haven’t checked this year.

Hee! Hee! You are not the only one! ALL ex-chowhounders are OLD!! included! :rofl:

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Looks like a larger menu here is the link

Looks like the be same menu as DBar

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I went to D Azur for dessert today. The outside was not so busy while the inside seating seemed full. I tried the rhubarb and watermelon sundae. Decent though I prefer the desserts at Cafe Boulud. Service was ok

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Good to know.

We really enjoyed a raspberry lemon mousse torte I purchased at the Annex Nadège yesterday.

I had the spinach crocque monsieur at Nadège. It was like a creamed spinach sandwich with béchamel and probably gruyère.

I’m not a fan of croissants so haven’t tried their breakfast sandwich.

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Union’s crispy polenta, on their back patio. They take reservations through Resy.

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New list from Toronto Life

Out of those mentioned, I’ve tried Emmer’s & Gold Standard’s.

Emmer’s sausage, cheese and egg on their English muffin is excellent.

Gold Standard’s is pretty good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

I want to try Alma y Gill soon.

Emma’s Country Kitchen isn’t mentioned this time. It is still in my top 5 breakfast sandwiches, along with Stockyards.

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I love taking breakfast in a restaurant or a cafe, but the main problem is that the size of meals is too big, and most of them are not healthy.

Emmer Bakery’s sausage, cheddar and egg muffin with hot sauce. I ask for the sausage to be done well. My current favourite breakfast sandwich in Toronto.


A somewhat new addition for moi and reasonably priced brunch in Yorkville is Planta. I ended up going there on back to back weekends somehow. Priced very well for this neighborhood imo.
I tasted the banana waffles and had the French toast (average somewhat) and the burger on second visit as one can order from the non brunch menu. Fries and burger are decent imo

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I like Planta: It’s my special occasion location to meet up with one of my best friends, who keeps kosher. Since it’s vegan, it’s safe…


Yeah I hear you it’s a ‘safe’ dining spot for ‘picky’ eaters. A somewhat funny sidenote on a recent visit to a cafe in Ottawa the barista asked me what type of milk I would like with my cappuccino. I replied ‘regular’ and got a shocked look and reply was we have ‘dairy’ and ‘oat’. I chose ‘dairy’ and thanked the barista for not cancelling me :grin:


Quite a few places either only offer one type of dairy (often 2% or homogenized/whole milk), as well as oat and another alternative milk.

I’ve been ordering non-fat or 1 % cappuccinos and lattes for 20 years, and I’m not a fan of most alternative milks, so I’m beginning to remember which places don’t have non-fat, 1 or 2 % dairy milk.

Ezra Pound has gone vegan, only plant-based milks, and the pastries are also plant-based.

Fika only has one type of cow milk, I think it is whole milk, around 3%.

Just had the Emmer’s egg, sausage, cheddar and hot sauce sandwich. It is mighty fine (and messy).


Happy you enjoyed it.

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Tried Lazy Daisy’s Cafe on Gerrard St. E. They have some tasty breakfast sandwiches on their buttery biscuits:

Son-of-a-Rise: egg, melted white cheddar, smoked bacon, avocado, tomato, chipotle mayo. Excellent combo with perfectly cooked bacon and a lovely biscuit.

They were out of fried chicken (for the Rise ‘N’ Fry sandwich), so we opted for The Hungry Farmer: moist roasted chicken, white cheddar, bacon, tomato, mixed green, garlic aioli. Also very good, like a clubhouse on a biscuit.


I really need this in my life.