Breakfasts, Brunch & Breakfast Sandwiches in [Ontario] [Toronto] [GTA] [London, Ontario] [Ottawa]

Let’s start the new Ontario Board off with a breakfast and brunch thread.

Please mention the city, if you’re mentioning Breakfasts and Brunches outside Toronto.

I like Emma’s Country Kitchen, on St Clair W in Toronto. They had picnic tables in front of the restaurant, when the weather allowed for it last summer and fall. I’ve had brunch to-go 3 times.

I understand the owners worked at The Stockyards , which also has great biscuits and breakfast sandwiches, before they opened Emma’s Country Kitchen. Excellent donuts easily at Emma’s, too, in limited supply.

The breakfast sandwiches, chicken & waffles, burgers are great at The Stockyards, which opens later these days, and is currently only open Thu to Sun. It’s still a good brunch option.


We’ll have to try Emma’s Country Kitchen at some point as those breakfast sandwiches look very tempting.

Some of our favourite places for breakfast/brunch:

  • Bonjour Brioche - great pastries, quiche, tartes
  • Dough - breakfast sandwiches
  • White Lily Diner - breakfast sandwiches, southern breakfast with grits
  • Lady Marmalade - various riffs on Eggs Benedict (go for braised beef)
  • O’Somae - duck confit and pear Eggs Benedict
  • Madame Levant - shakshuka, halawa pancakes
  • Leslieville Pumps - breakfast sandwiches
  • Souk Tabule - shakshuka, basterma egg scramble
  • Maha’s - shakshuka, Cairo Classic (foole), chicken sandwich
  • United Bakers Dairy - all the soups, smoked whitefish
  • Cafe Boulud - for a higher end brunch

I’m sure I’m forgetting places…


Brunch…Love Cafe Boulud’s Charcuterie and the Chocolate & Hazelnut Profiteroes!


Also like the croque madame and the beef shortrib with poached egg and mushrooms.


Café Boulud used to make nice ricotta pancakes with lemon, and a brunch dish with duck confit and eggs. Nice basket of Madeleines, too. I had a memorable birthday brunch at Café Boulud several years ago.

The patio at Maison Boulud in Montreal, inside the Ritz Carlton, is a really nice place for brunch, too.

Re: Croque Monsieur, the Swiss Train Ride at Union, on the weekend brunch menu, is very good. Heated patio at the back.

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I would try cafe boulud but their service is abysmal on the few occasions I went there.
I went to Otto bierhall today for brunch decent as usual. Attaching pic. We added poached eggs and a haloomi schnitzel as well


Had the Combo Breakfast Sandwich at Dough this weekend - still excellent. Thick slab of peameal, lovely melty cheddar sauce, avocado, fried egg, tomato, and hot sauce (probably Frank’s). The mixed veggie strata was also very good, akin to a savoury break pudding. We also had the bread pudding, which was moist and speckled with various fruits and some chocolate. Lastly the kouign amann was surprisingly good.

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I will have to try out that breakfast sandwich.

I tried half a dozen pastries from Dough the week before our initial lockdown, and I haven’t been back. Everything I tried was very good. My friend tried the Hot Cross Buns this past week.

For something delicious and different, how about some Japanese/western fusion sandwiches from Markham’s Cafe N’One?!


Looks good!

I’m envious of the Japanese brunch options you have North of Steeles.
This place Scenic Coffee on Woodbine looks good, too.

The Japanese-Italian brunch spot on Harbord- in the same space Dreyfus occupies now, closed about around 3 years ago, and the place I liked in Bloordale that had omurice closed last year.

Sakawa Coffee on Danforth, the Hanbusa and Fuwa Fuwa soufflé pancake places and Film Café have some brunch dishes.

Film Café has one rolled omelette which is okay, but not as good as the omurice I had at the now-closed Coo Bread or Rice. Scroll to see the food menu. I don’t think the rolled omelette or other brunch dishes at Film Café are worth a detour to Kensington. I had been to Film Café for brunch 3 times before 2020 , since I used to visit Kensington once a week. Most of the menu is not Japanese.

I’m not aware of other Japanese brunch spots in Toronto that have hot food.

A few dishes at Sisters & Co have a Korean influence. I really liked a recent Benny at Sisters & Co.

Light Café on Baldwin might does a modern Taiwanese brunch- it’s on my list!

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I was taken by surprise by the ’ ginormous ’ size and taste of this Crispy fried Chicken sandwich from ’ La Petite Colline aka Shan-Shan cafe ’ on 3355 Steeles Avenue East across the road from J-Town!
They have a varied range of very interesting and delicious sandwich options! Well worth trying.


So I had revisit to clay and tried the swedish pancakes and these are worth reporting. Not too sweet and right amount of sweet and savory for a revisit. A bit odd combo but I added a side of fries which are quite good as well to complete the meal. Good stuff for this area imo with a very nice setup to boot


I had an excellent breakwich breakfast sandwich from Emma’s Country Kitchen last Sunday. It looked like this.

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I got one with bacon and cheddar, and another for my friend, with bacon and hot pimento cheese.


Has anyone done brunch at Bar Reyna in Yorkville recently?

I’m looking for a place that takes reservations, and has a covered patio, in case it rains.

I have a tentative reservation for Bar Reyna, which has a covered patio.

Safari on Avenue Road north of Lawrence has a covered patio and take reservations. Realize it’s more of a bar and grill.

I’m drawing a blank right now.

Allen’s patio opens May 4th and they don’t take reservations for the patio. I couldn’t tell if the patio at Rebel House is covered.

Cano on St Clair W looks good. Haven’t been yet. They seem to have a patio, too. Reservations through OpenTable.

Mediocre English breakfast at the Duke of York, but nice empty and shady back patio.
I’d get lunch food next time.

Very good smoked salmon and cream cheese on a sesame bagel at Lox and Schmear.


Despite vowing not to return to cafe boulud I couldn’t resist the offer for a prix fixe brunch. Quenelle was great so was the dessert. Service a lot better than dinner service for sure. Maybe a repeat since very close by.


Wow! Oysters for breakfast! NICE!! No Champagne?! That seafood sauce for the Quenelle looked awesome!

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Yeah they have got that sauce down pat. Someone was treating so their choice to not drink that early :slight_smile: . They did offer a mimosa or prosecco by glass for 12$. A bit of caution the brunch service starts at 1130 am as you will get the breakfast menu otherwise.
I think a very good value for 62$ for 3 courses as Quenelle is 40$+ on it’s own