Takeout and Delivery in [Toronto]

This was the reason we recently tried Grateful Chicken. My wife also went to Mandy’s, but they were out of the smoked meat salad so she tried a hoisin duck one (it was good, but not remarkable). We had already noticed Naija Jollof in our neighbourhood and are hoping to try it soon. Boukan and Puerto Bravo were also on our list to try.

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Tried miznon today though it seems to geared towards take out I ended up eating there. For starters I think their tables aren’t designed for the food they serve big trays and small tables aren’t a good combo
Here is a play by play
Hummus pretty good and priced at a bizarrely high level
Small cauliflower decent
Chicken pita I didn’t try and the feedback is middling as very dry apparently
Ratatouille decent I enjoy my eggplant nowadays so enjoyed it more than I would normally
Hmm 80$ roughly without tips I think one would expect that at proper sit in place but not here


Someone on Reddit also mentioned the small portions. Looks like other online reviews are mediocre at best.

What would you say is the best place for chicken kabob or kofte near Yorkville/ The Annex? Zaad has been my go-to. I’ve stopped visiting Fet Zun after a couple overpriced and mediocre experiences.

I liked that Silk Road Kabob at 736 Bay that you recommended.

I still haven’t visited Amal, not that keen to visit.


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Yeah Silk Road is pretty good at that price point and naan & kebab is decent for a last min grab and go. I have been to Amal a couple of times and they are geared towards a see and be seen crowd IMO.
If you don’t mind trekking up towards Yonge/ St Clair. Shattar Abbas is worth the trek and really good IMO. I shared my experience there while dinning in and takeout. Definitely worth the upcharge IMO.


80 bucks you say. Well I guess somebody’s gotta pay their Yorkville rent. Yikes!

Brunch takeout from Ohiru at 370 College. Tiny spot on College near Augusta, completely packed at 1 pm on a Sunday.

My Benny was $18.50 before tax. Pretty good.

Sisters & Co on Dundas W is more generous with the Hollandaise.


We hadn’t been to Superpoint much since they took our favourite pasta off the menu. But we recently noticed that the beef cheek reginette had returned and since we had to venture to Ossington and Queen for other purposes, we decided to do a take out dinner. Somewhat disappointingly, most dishes were over-salted. We hope this represents an off-night rather than a new baseline.

Lucia salad - fennel, chicory, radicchio, olives, orange, bocconcini, red onion - a delicious winter salad, with a lovely herb-rich dressing. Not too salty.

Spicy Vodka pizza - rose vodka sauce, pancetta, basil, red onion - a good pizza overall, but a bit salty.

Beef cheek reginette - very soft beef cheek, a velvet-y sauce from all the collagen, but also a bit salty. Noodles were a little more cooked than al dente, but that could be a take out effect.

Tagliatelle with braised lamb, gorgonzola, black kale - similarly very well-braised meat, but a bit too salty.

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I wonder if you could ask for less salt , on a future take-out order? I might start doing that at a couple places. Piano Piano is also very salty.

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We could if we remember. It is often a long time before we get around to repeating a restaurant.

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That’s how I used to be, too!

These days, I’ve been revisiting my favourites and a couple local-to-me spots 2 or 3 times a year (Country Style Hungarian, The Oxley, Union on Ossington, Emma’s Country Kitchen, Rol San and By The Way Café ), and my local go-tos once or twice a month (Fika, Rustle & Still, B Espresso inside the Conservatory, Emmer, Noctua , Eataly, not too many restaurants)

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I had take-out from Bar Neon on Friday night .

The fried calamari was average.

The spanakopita was surprisingly very good! Nice and flaky, lots of filling, enough butter on the dill, I could taste mint as well as spinach. I tried the chocolate tahini mousse which was okay for a tahini mousse. I much prefer old fashioned dairy tahini mousse, but I’m glad a chocolate tahini mousse is an option for people who can’t have dairy!
This is half the serving of spanakopita, and around half the fried calamari. 2 triangles per order.


Additional comments on Miznon (a couple of earlier comments not too encouraging).

Although theoretically possible to dine-in, most custom is take-out. I dined alone and found a single counter seat - the only seat available about an hour before they closed on a snowy night, early week. They also have a bleachers-like seating area while you wait for your order to be prepared - about half occupied by people who were ‘eating their take-out in-house’.
Their style is sort of ‘fast-food for grown-ups’ - order at till; food cooked at back; order assembled at front and ‘call your name/number’ for pick-up. In theory a slight variation on assembly-line but even though I saw dishes being cooked, I’m not sure how the food is luke-warm by the time it reaches the customer (my biggest issue).
I didn’t try the cauliflower - served whole and too much food for my declining appetite.
The ‘run-over’ potato (baked potato smashed flat over sour cream, garlic, scallions and large amounts of dill) was a solid idea with a strange accomplishment. How can a baked potato be almost cold? And the sour cream was as ‘lite’ as any I’ve ever had - needed more texture (and fat - although they suggest that it’s ‘healthy’ eating - this version is more tasteless than healthy - other than the dominant dill). It was also served waay ahead of my ‘main course’ of “Overnight Brisket and Onions Seared On a Hot plate, served with aioli”. Or maybe they assumed I wanted an appetizer before my main course - assuming they have a method of denoting which orders were takeout vs. eat-in (which is possible: They asked for my name (used when the food was ready) and a tent number to place on my table - used for. … - maybe deaf people who don’t hear their name called.
Oh, and they don’t accept cash - cards only (except for the prominent tip jar which is cash only).
Incidentally, I loved the onions. The brisket was dried-out (the aioli helped) [Aside: How do you cook a brisket to dryness?]. The sandwich stuffers also managed to achieve a fractional distillation of the main dish. The brisket strands and the onion slices managed to stay almost entirely separate (OK a few outliers were commingling).

I was actually very impressed with the demeanour of the staff - they deserved a tip for their cheerfulness and helpfulness, particularly on a wintry night.


Without a photo or dining there, I’ll still take a guess. If they’re doing all that without returning the mixture to the oven, they have mashed the heat out then blended with cold, or at least room temperature ingredients. POOF. Something that only tastes good on paper.

But at least they save a lot of money on paying for prep time.

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I ordered the pulled chicken with basil mayo sandwich at Black Camel today and it was meh. The chicken and basil mayo sandwich had been my favourite sandwich there 4 or 5 years ago…

Nice individual-sized coffee-flavoured mousse cake from Delyssée $10.95 before tax, when the same kind of mini mousse cake might cost $7.50 -$8 atat Nadege or $8.10- $8.95 at Bomou. I haven’t been to Rahier in a long time, so not sure how much their mousse cakes cost.

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That’s unfortunate. What made it meh now compared to before? Hope the brisket and pork sandwiches are still good.

I think the pesto mayo changed, with less basil ,and the maybe the chicken was under-seasoned.
I could have sworn it was called basil pesto previously, and not pesto mayo. Maybe I’m misremembering, or they stopped using the basil mayo and replaced it with pesto mayo. That might be the issue.
It was really bland.


I haven’t ordered the brisket sandwich there and it’s been a decade since my last pulled pork sandwich at the Black Camel. Hopefully they’re still good.

The bun was nice and fresh.

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I tried the tempura udon, futomaki and inari at Sushi Maido in the Annex last night. I’d asked about the sushi places in the Annex 5 or 6 years ago, and jennabeans on CH had recommended Sushi Maido over the others. It was quite full around 9 pm on a Friday, and the staff were friendly.

Confession time :joy:
I used to go to Sushi on Bloor, New Gen and Sushi Inn (in Yorkville, but the same kind of sushi place) from around 2002-2010 fairly frequently, but I haven’t been to any of the Annex places between Spadina and Bathurst in the last decade.

I also visited Sushi Island AYCE on College St at least once. I became a bit fussier about sushi around 2010, and usually chose Japango or Yuzu No Hana when downtown.

I liked what I ordered at Sushi Maido, and the prices were reasonable. I was in the mood for udon.

Re: the futomaki, it was fine. I like the sushi rice a little more at Akai at Harbord and Borden https://instagram.com/akai.sushi.toronto , which is probably a little pricier.

I almost walked down to Omai last night, which I like a lot, but I was craving udon and wanted to order online.

If anyone has a recommendation for takeout udon, let me know! I do like the creamy non-traditional mushroom udon at Planta!


For takeout udon … https://zenjapanmart.com/
… in Scarborough … but pickup only I think …
Despite being from frozen, I had them before during those “lockdown periods” … Quite good.


Zezafoun Syrian on Manor Road tonight. Very good. I got the Syrian mezza platter ($35, 4
Dips with lots of pita) and the Burning Fingers.

I tried the housemade rosewater lemon drink ($8) which was a little expensive for what it is ( I prefer the orange blossom lemonade at Tabule), and a $4 canned lemon mint drink.


Good to know!!