[Toronto, The Junction ] Favourite places?

Which are your favourite spots?

I like Honest Weight and When The Pig Came Home.

Especially interested in places with patios.

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Really liked Honest Weight the one time we went, but that was pre-pandemic. Ate on the patio at Lucia during the pandemic and it was quite good.

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I’ve been visiting the Junction a lot lately. I like Full Stop’s coffee.

I’ve visited Noctua Bakery twice in the past 2 weeks, and Mattachioni twice last weekend. There is a streetside patio, to enjoy a coffee and pastry.

I can also recommend the Brazilian bakery.

Yesterday, Honest Weight featured a snow crab omelette as a brunch special. Honest Weight has a streetside patio.

I haven’t been yet, but Dirty Food is really popular for brunch. They close at 3 pm. Dirty Food has 2 2-top tables outside their restaurant.

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We had been intending on lunch from Famiglia Baldassarre, but bailed with the wait being 1.5 hours. So we headed west to finally try When the Pig Came Home. Everything we had was delicious:

Patties - light pastry with a tasty meat mixture inside, not particularly spicy even though we got the hot version.

House porchetta sandwich - fatty pork with lots of roasted notes, garlicky cooked kale, melted provolone, and a mixture of truffled mayo, honey mustard, and hot sauce - rivalling Porchetta & Co. for a great porchetta sandwich.

1 lb of regular (i.e., not lean) smoked brisket that we used to make sandwiches at home. Smokey, lots of coriander seed permeating, very good. We must get to SumiLicious at some point to compare.

2 jerk chicken legs. This was some of the best jerk we have had in in Toronto - moist chicken, with just enough salt, perfumed with cloves, allspice, and just enough kick.

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I really like their jerk, too. The jerk chicken sandwich is good. Everything I’ve ordered has been good.

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If you are looking for a great lunch spot, give Dirty Food on Dundas West a try. Great food offered by Chef / Owner Jonathan Iskiw. You will not be disappointed.

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Remarkably, you have the same surname as the chef.
Do you consider your recommendation biased?

Not at all. I admit that he is my cousin’s son. If I did not think it was a good restaurant I never would have recommended it. In fact, if you check BLOGTO, you will see that it was nominated one of the top 10 new brunch spots in the city when it opened several years ago. I see no problem in promoting a good restaurant.

Btw… I recognize your handle from Chowhound. I think we had dinner together one night at a Chowmeet at Rapscallion in Hamilton and a Chinese restaurant in Richmond Hill though the name escapes me.

Indeed we have met - ‘The Charles’ organized a meet in Richmond Hill.
I also have friends (foodie instructors) at Niagara College, which I used to visit regularly, although don’t recall being at Rapscallions.

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For Junction Brunch reference

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Luna Junction is on my regular rotation. Solid Azores food at fair prices, but service can suffer when it gets busy.
I originally found this when I couldn’t get into Dotty’s (not technically in Junction as east of the railroad tracks but only a 10 minute walk from Luna Junction). Dotty’s also on my regular list, but very short menu and doesn’t take reservations.


Thanks, I will try them both over the next few months.