Beans, beans, beans....

You know the rest.

I need ideas for Flageolet and Yellow Eye.

I’ve already cooked the Flageolet . This is my first time cooking Flageolet, and bought them for cassoulet, but that’s not happening.

I’m thinking about this RG Flageolet Bean Salad recipe with Roasted Peppers and Capers


Flageolet Salad with Lemon, Radishes, and Oven-Roasted Tomatoes.

In the summer, I hoard oven roasted tomatoes, and roasted peppers.

Here are the soaked/brined yellow eyes. I think you use them like white beans.

Anybody know how long I can leave them soaked before I cook them, or a basic, versatile recipe that I can cook then freeze?


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There was an old Gourmet recipe for white bean salad with tuna - very few ingredients, everything shone. Iirc tomatoes, a bit of onion, the beans, and good canned or bottled (in oil) tuna. Maybe parsley. A light dressing. Delicious.

ETA: Maybe this one? Though I’m sure it was mid-late 90s. Skip the cucumber, add some red onion, and let the beans marinate in the dressing for a bit before you add the tuna.

This looks good too.

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Changing water now…

I made rajma the other day using Rick Stein’s recipe. It calls for kidney beans but I only had flagelot so used them. I also added shredded cavalo nero near the end . It turned out quite well.


Preeti Mistry cooked some flageolet too…

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That’s what friends are for!

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My favorite way with flageolets: sauté allium(s) of choice in olive oil, add whole thin-skinned cherry tomatoes till they burst, add halved and sliced endive, add drained cooked flageolets and herb of choice (I like thyme), heat through. Serve topped with chopped celery leaves or finely chopped celery. Fantastic with lamb in any form.


Might be fun to riff on this recipe:

Edited to add: the full headline cuts off in the preview. Should read, “ Nigel Slater’s recipes for wild garlic and basil sauce, and a stew of flageolet beans.”


Does anyone have a Tacu Tacu recipe they like?


I am not familiar with this dish but I love the story!

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Considering how many times, through the proverbial salad bar years, I avoided chickpeas, I sure enjoy them today.

Even this concoction my wife is loving weekly:


Thanks!! Thinking this would also be good with white beans. Someone at my house dislikes chickpeas.


My wife has done that too as well as with those gigantic beans from Rancho Gordo.


Speaking of rancho gordo - that was the 2nd part of my Chanukah wish list (besides spices from B&B). They got me 8 lbs. I cooked the red ones into a red beans and rice w/andouille. Then black garbanzos! which were used in multiple ways. Hummus, bean/kale/ham soup, and veg enchilada casserole for school lunches. I’m surprised at how toothsome the beans are after much cooking. And the black on the garbanzos was a bit odd. It’s on the skin only, so once they were blended, everything became oddly grey. Tasty though. Taking a bean break and then will resume. I like the idea of the faux tuna salad.


Keep that bean broth, good people! Aquafaba chocolate mousse is well worth the effort. As is aquafaba meringue with fresh, sliced fruit.


The RG recipe file has a few ideas.

This looks delicious


Aquafaba choc mousse.



How did it taste?