Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?


Just like my FIL, and he is Italian !!

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I have a tin of it at home and you can see the specks of truffle


You have got the real thing. Mine is just salt.

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I worked in prep at a steak house. Huge containers of mayo, ketchup & relish - Thousand Island Dressing. The smell of it. . . :frowning:

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I forgot about strawberries. I made a surprise party for my parents’ anniversary when I was 19 and had to cook all the food at my then boyfriend’s mom’s house. I made a strawberry bavarian and all she had to crush the berries was a new garlic press. To this day, I can’t even stand the smell of strawberries!


Bananas, raw green peppers, canned fruit cocktail, miracle whip, raisins in things… but the one thing I am most repelled by is fresh papaya. Even worse: the papaya on canned topical fruit cocktail. Makes me gag.
Also,from childhood: canned pear “nectar”… gross!!!


Exactly. They ruin and overpower the flavor of everything they appear in. I also loathe peas, but I can eat around those if necessary.

I see a few people have mentioned items they had too much of when they were kids. I can relate. I was served so much chicken when growing up, that I avoided it like the plague for the next 20 years. Although I eat it now, I still don’t seek it out.

For GF, it’s raisins, and sweet pickles.

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Sour Cream. It cannot so much as touch my potato latkes, and if it is in a burrito I will give it to a friend to eat. Total non-negotiable…

And when I think something is tart but turns out to be sweet - ever think you are getting a cranberry muffin and it turns out to be a chocolate chip muffin? Instant gag.


you must be rel, maated to my son.
No white stuff meaning sour cream, cream cheese, feta cheese, creme fraiche , mayonnaise.

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i think you may be correct - most of the things on your list are strictly off-limits to me, and for the things that i can at least tolerate (cream cheese for sure, mayo perhaps) i enforce a very strict “ratio” requirement!!


sorry about typo
My son just does not like them, no dietary restriction at all
Ever since he was a little boy, she the school bus driver gives them a rare treat, drive them to McDonald’s , he refused to order not only because of mayo but ketchup.
No mushroom of any kind either.


People with a long list of things they don’t want to try completely ruins COOKING a dish for me. Okay, not completely.

Can’t think of any ingredient that completely ruins EATING a dish.

Working on it.


Any sugar in coconut rice. Blech. I like sweet rice pudding, but as an accompaniment to savory curries etc I find sweet coconut rice nauseating.

Also not big on fresh dill or caraway seeds, both of which contain S-carvone. Tastes soapy to me.

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We could NEVER be a twosome. I even grow it, and have pots of frozen pesto in my fridge. Mushrooms would also be problematic.

I grow pots of lavender too, but have never eaten it.

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I must confess, my sister made a mincemeat pie that supposedly had raisins, but between the spices and all the other fruit, you couldn’t tell.

I ate raisins on Christmas and lived! :rofl:


i can’t handle even banana bread. although a woman at work brought in some chocolate banana bread and there was enough chocolate that the i couldn’t taste the banana.


while it’s not something i’d seek out, i’ve had lavender shortbread and it was lovely.

eta: just remembered a lavender and chocolate scone i had awhile back that was also tasty.

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New Yorker cartoon a few weeks ago: Man enters bedroom wherein his wife is in bed with a giant green leaf, encaptioned, “Cilantro ruins everything!”

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