Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?


Just like my FIL, and he is Italian !!

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I have a tin of it at home and you can see the specks of truffle


You have got the real thing. Mine is just salt.

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I worked in prep at a steak house. Huge containers of mayo, ketchup & relish - Thousand Island Dressing. The smell of it. . . :frowning:

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I forgot about strawberries. I made a surprise party for my parents’ anniversary when I was 19 and had to cook all the food at my then boyfriend’s mom’s house. I made a strawberry bavarian and all she had to crush the berries was a new garlic press. To this day, I can’t even stand the smell of strawberries!


Bananas, raw green peppers, canned fruit cocktail, miracle whip, raisins in things… but the one thing I am most repelled by is fresh papaya. Even worse: the papaya on canned topical fruit cocktail. Makes me gag.
Also,from childhood: canned pear “nectar”… gross!!!


Exactly. They ruin and overpower the flavor of everything they appear in. I also loathe peas, but I can eat around those if necessary.

I see a few people have mentioned items they had too much of when they were kids. I can relate. I was served so much chicken when growing up, that I avoided it like the plague for the next 20 years. Although I eat it now, I still don’t seek it out.

For GF, it’s raisins, and sweet pickles.