Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?

For me, it’s dill. Love dill pickles, hate dill anything else to include that ever so beloved ranch dressing.

lavender, cilantro,basil as well unless it is fresh
Ha, dill is a favorite

There are very few things I dislike, but caraway seeds can kinda fuck with my food. I used to hate cilantro (like millions of other people) and spicy food, but got over both – thanks to my love for Thai food :slight_smile:

I’m also not too fond of overly mushy or sweet veggies, like butternut squash.


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Nothing - so long as it’s in the right place.

Taking chowdom’s example, I’d take the view that lavender is great in the garden but has no place being anywhere near food. If it was advertised on a menu or listed in a recipe, I would simply pass on the dish so, in that respect, the dish is not ruined for me, it is simply something I’m not going to eat. It is not soemthing I fuss over - the dish is the dish is the dish.

If you want a list of things I prefer not to eat, I can supply them - headed by andouillette de Cambrai - something that, literally, tastes and smells like shit - and has the texture of car tyres.


Sugar in places where I don’t want it. I just threw away most of a bag of beef jerky because it is too sweet.


Too much cumin. Too much rosemary. Jalapeños.


Green peppers. Blah.


cilantro, capers, pickles.

Me: cilantro, lavender, sugar, raw onion, green bell peppers, walnuts, honeydew, kiwi

my husband: pineapple, coconut, feta, bleu cheese

Cilantro and lavender–they both taste like soap to me.

Cloves - even just a hint - even just the smell - blergh. Green bell peppers can ruin even the best pizza. Cilantro, of course.

I cannot do savory and mint. Mint and sweet works for me though.


I forgot to add green pepper to the list … Yuck plus heartburn
cloves too … I guess I should have given this more thought before responding

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Things out of moderation I find gross:

expired ground cumin, lavender, truffle oil in most cases, cloves

Do people who dislike green peppers have a weaker dislike of red peppers or jalapeños?

Spearmint and peppermint, even fresh ones taste like chemical.



No problem with any other color pepper yellow, orange, red and like long hots and shishitos and jalapeños … hate truffle oil too


If we’re referring to Bell peppers, it doesn’t matter what color. They’re all nonstarters.
Hot peppers I love.

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For me at times I have this soap problem with lemongrass.

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